" is one of the few production quality serious languages that isn't just <let's do better>. Clojure is trying to say <let's take a well understood model that has worked for 50 years...>" - Brian Goetz


". A language that can be extended in user space can evolve without accumulating baggage. New ideas can be implemented as libraries, and later discarded when better ideas come along."


Alan Dipert: Common Lisp for the Curious Clojurian
"The focus of is not . It's not impossible to do but when it's done it's done by convention and with the help of libraries."


"I must say that it felt great to solve a problem within several minutes (albeit it was not that hard), since I’m only at the beginning of my journey with ."


user=> (->> "aaaabbbcca" (partition-by identity) (map #(vector (first %) (count %))))
([\a 4] [\b 3] [\c 2] [\a 1])


"Using the input and output characteristics of pure functions, pure functions are used as pipelines. Dataflow is formed by a series of pure functions in series."


Si gustan unirse a un servidor de Discord pá platicar en español con developers, de México principalmente aunque hay uno que otro latino, sobre les invito a "El Sotano".


"In , this translates to: there are some truths that you can never write down as an . This is the essence of what Gödel discovered."



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