Comparto mis videos de donde explico calculo lambda, colecciones inmutables/perezosas, recursividad, unit testing, linter, test runner, code coverage & static code analysis.

"Waydroid uses namespaces (user, pid, uts, net, mount, ipc) to run a full system in a container and provide Android applications on any GNU/Linux-based platform."

IMHO shorthand switches are convenient for daily shell use, but for scripting/programming they are really a bad idea 🤔 So please, take into account this 😉

Ruuter is a tiny routing library in vanilla #clojure without dependencies and it's compatible with #babashka.

Babashka is super handy for making internal tooling nowadays since the script can run an http server, make calls to services, talk to a db, etc.

" is a art on the edge of creative art and , which is created and presented on computers. A demo is a program, which demonstrates the abilities of computers and also a ."

"Common and not-so-common *nix shell footguns. This post focuses on POSIX , therefore most of this information will likely also apply to your preferred *nix shell, but sometimes not."

" is an JVM programming language, interoperable with (and other JVM languages), designed for building reliable, scalable, high performance concurrent, distributed and parallel systems"

"its goal [of this article] was to show you the whole landscape and all the options for building, running, managing and distributing containers and their images."

Reading Tanenbaum on operating systems kind of compares to reading "Learn you a #Haskell". After reading these books you feel confident when it comes to understanding the terminology but then fall flat on your face when having to deal with some actual code.

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Fantastic! 4Clojure was a great tool for years, until its owner passed away. This is a great looking port that I can't wait to try. #clojure

Unfortunatelly, is no longer maintained. But it continues to live on in slightly different form, on and it's completely static. 😀

#clojure #4clojure #babashka #sci #programming

"I’ve seen a lot of ... both good and bad ... I’ve seen similar patterns that tend to lead to worse code. So I thought I would document some of them as well as better alternatives to these patterns."

"Destructuring provides not only a more concise way to bind names to parts of sequential and associative data structures but it also mirrors the shape of the data being destructured."

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