Personally I feel more inclined to use AppImage rather than flatpak, not from a security point of view but more as a convenience since I don' t have to use another package manager inside Void Linux. If I don't find an AppImage I prefer to build from source/git. I hope that more "desktop packages", mainly Electron&Qt, make use of AppImage.

Joji - Mr. Hollywood
From his last album, Nectar... a very enjoyable album.

Ya está disponible la agenda y la suscripción a los talleres para
Cumbre de Contribuidores de Software

So far the genre that is catching more and more my attention is , ... I'm finding a lot of artist-albums in blogs but at this moment I don't have the time&space to download everything, so youtube to the rescue in the meantime...

Since last week I also have been listening to , mainly two collections of openings from torrents... like 15 Gb of it. I would say that I've added some new and interesting artist-genres to my

Just this monday I've started watching , 9 episodes and I'm already hooked... but more than 900 episodes sounds like a huge commitment to me 😂

Here's a great website with resources for *everthing* you need to know about mechanical keyboards.

Finally finished watching . Quite an interesting and compelling story with the occasional humor and filler episodes, but those story arcs... are just to much for me. Anyway, It goes into my list of favorite anime series. Highly recommended.

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