Fantastic! 4Clojure was a great tool for years, until its owner passed away. This is a great looking port that I can't wait to try. #clojure

Unfortunatelly, is no longer maintained. But it continues to live on in slightly different form, on and it's completely static. 😀

#clojure #4clojure #babashka #sci #programming

"I’ve seen a lot of ... both good and bad ... I’ve seen similar patterns that tend to lead to worse code. So I thought I would document some of them as well as better alternatives to these patterns."

"Destructuring provides not only a more concise way to bind names to parts of sequential and associative data structures but it also mirrors the shape of the data being destructured."

"To better understand the essence of OO , you should study logic or (FP). To be better at FP, you should study Assembler." - Joe Armstrong

Apparently the new audacity owners are adding telemetry to it :/ This is....concerning. Especially because that PR discussion has _zero_ opposition to the feature being added

"Applications from the Future: Let’s start with web applications... Well, we covered the pains, covered the competitors, covered an ideal solution, and went through the considerations."

holy-lambda: The micro framework that integrates with AWS Lambda on either Java, Clojure Native, or Babashka runtime.

" is about storing changes, instead of their result. It's those changes that make up the final state of a project. The mindset is extremely powerful in many kinds of projects."

"When you throw an exception from the main thread in a , the program will print out the exception & crash. This post will explain why you might want a default exception handler"

"we have given a bird's-eye view of ... its core concepts like borrowing, lifetimes, & unsafe code encapsulated inside safe APIs... to overcome the trade-off between safety & control."

"In this post I’d like briefly talk about products & sums, & how are names used in type checking. I will argue that types are called “named” or “anonymous” depending on how they are checked."

Even though I'm from I'm not used to drink so it was interesting to know the whole process and its tastes. This is "Mezcal de Cannabis". If you are looking for mezcal I'd recommend to get , not artesanal nor industrial, from a maestro mezcalero.

These last months I've being doing some work at the farm... and also making some new friends 🤠 🐢

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