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It makes me happy to see websites that still host pages from years ago and still work. It shows not everything on the Web decays. Link rot isn't inevitable.

New IT Laws in India 

@maxvel Privacy vs national security. This is a ever lasting debate. But this time, it looks extreme.

@AaronTheIssueGuy Rust! Cargo! Then every rust rewrite make sense!

I am just trying to understand permissive license like MIT.

I can copy any MIT licensed code, and publish it as proprietary code. Then I can claim ownership of the code. Now we have one code, 2 license problem.

Am I missing something here?

I like to add ❖ and ⏦ any time I submit online forms because I know that some developer is going to see it and wonder if they have a bug.

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That coder who jumps into a codebase and immediately starts fixing compiler warnings. That's a good person to have on your team.

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The one who made the app. 1000+ installs

The one who renamed the app, removed credits, copyright notice (MIT license), added ads. 50,000+ installs.

#playstore #foss

Sometimes when my Internet is down, I forget that the rest of my computer still works....

If you have ever installed a program using "curl XYZ | sh" don't worry about what's in the vaccine.

@ttntm on which hardware are you hopping distros? I had similar problem with pop os.

@XxAlexXx @Ace_811 Problem is all browser are becoming chromium based. If Google want to remove/introduce any standard, it will become default web standard in no time.

Gecko based browsers are loosing its charm.

WebKit based is still far behind.

1. That can't happen.
2. That doesn't happen on my machine.
3. That shouldn't happen.
4. Why does that happen?
5. Oh, I see.
6. How did that ever worked?

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Share a project idea you've worked on in private, made some progress, but eventually gave up on and never published.

Would you still love to finish it some day? Did you find an alternative solution? Realized the idea wasn't that great after all?

Looking forward to seeing all your replies! ❤️

@fribbledom worked on a case converter like camel case to snake case and similar. But found out, there is an awesome cargo package for same. So all interest down.

@NickKaramoff this is a beta version. We can report by the same.

@sotneStatue the way apple and Google are behaving, the day may come soon.

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