I am just trying to understand permissive license like MIT.

I can copy any MIT licensed code, and publish it as proprietary code. Then I can claim ownership of the code. Now we have one code, 2 license problem.

Am I missing something here?

@nihar You can claim ownership to the derived work (not the original code) but you need to retain the copyright notice as stated by the license. So generally if the product is closed source, you need to show the copyright statement somewhere like the about dialog or a separate "open source licenses" UI. But I'm not a lawyer.

@nihar no you can not do that because the MIT license requires that you include the copyright notice with "all copies or substantial portions". The copyright doesn't go away, the license just allows you to do stuff with the code, but it does not make you the owner of said code.

@nihar You can't claim ownership over the original code. You can only to your modified version. The original code is still under the same license.

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