I have tried so many mail providers from Zoho to mailfence. But I always come back to tutanota. As I don't use POP3 or IMAP, tutanota web and app interface is so clutter free.

@nihar the lack of IMAP and POP3 is exactly why I dont like it that much.
"our encryption is too good to be used on 3rd party clients".
I know that's not what they actually say (probably), but its what I understand, and it sounds like a walled garden to me.
Does its encryption work for 3rd party mail servers or is it only between tutanota accounts like protonmail?

@nihar I am already mad at having two different mail apps with protonmail and k-9 Mail.
Paying for such basic features sounds crazy to me.
I am willing to pay for actually unique features that no other email providers have, don't get me wrong, but being IMAP and POP3 support? Come on...

@joeligj12 for many people IMAP / POP3 is deal breaker. $4 for custom domain in proton mail is keeping me away.

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