I prefer 20 hours long train journey over 3 hours of flight.

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Makes me angry when 1) someone uses a memorizable database password for a production system(!) and 2) proceeds to send that password in an email!

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Netflix is one of the major reason for insomnia nowadays!

Replaced tea with coffee this year. Cannot last even 12 days

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I see all those "minimal," tasteless, primarily monochrome websites and I want mine to be like that.

Why is this trend a thing. And why am I attracted to it.

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Hi ,

Looking at the history of the internet, there always were influencing developments, some for the better, some for the worse.

❓ Thesis: In these months, the internet is entering a bad phase. Do you agree?

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Arch is awesome until you move to a country where internet is costlier!

Either you read the book or see it's live action adaptation! This audiobook thing is not working!

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It often feels weird when people measure the quality of their work by the complexity of the topic.

If you think about it, our job is not to find the most complex task out there and stick to doing it. Our task is to find a complex task, research it, decompose, refactor.. and in the end to make it simple.

So one should not be bragging about how they wrote such a complex piece of code which no one understands. One should literally brag about how everyone finally understood what they've done.

Instead on investing on crypto, invest in gas/crude oil. Profit guaranteed!

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Banks very commonly treat their production environment like testing

Developer accused of unreadable code refuses to comment.

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Playing retro game in modern hardware is more addictive than playing modern games in same hardware.

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#gimp desperately needs more non destructive operations, especially scaling

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