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Besides the malfunctioning PinePhone UPS also delivered the new Thinkpad X1 Carbon 8th gen. Running Fedora 33 with gnome 3.38 after the initial wipe. Firmware updates worked out of the box with Fedora, great combi of HW and SW.

Received my @postmarketOS CE Convergence Package today..... only thing is USB-C is not working. So slowly seeing the battery going down to 0 and no way to charge....

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Little over an hour and then Epoch time reaches 16000000000. Count down with: watch -c -n 1 -t 'date && date +"%s" && echo $((1600000000 - $(date +%s)))'

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I used to use Slideshare regularly to, well, share my slides from presentations.

For others who did likewise, you might want to check this out:

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My new keyboard just came in. The coordinates resolve to the highest mountain in Norway.

After running GrapheneOS on a Pixel 4xl for a few weeks I'm starting today on a Fairphone 3 with E-OS

Hi All, new here at Fosstodon, and also new at Mastodon.
Been using Linux off and on since 1995, build a company using mostly OpenSource. Last years being a Managing Director of a Cloud Consultancy company.
Now switching back fulltime to Linux after years of MacOS. Also De-Googling my life. Running Pop OS on a Thinkpad X1 and Ubuntu on a NitroPad (X230).
Seeing already greats Toots (?) and interactions here, and hopefully will be part of this.
Nice to meet everyone


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