I finally found an alternative to Google Photos that works for me! Ok it's not open source, but it's not Google either, so it's a step in the right direction that doesn't make me feel like I'm giving up functionality... it's Synology Moments, which syncs photos and videos that my husband and I take from our phones directly to my Synology NAS.

We're looking for a backend engineer and an operations engineer at my work, Tricentis Flood. We need people with significant overlap with the UTC +10 timezone. We're a small, fully remote core team of 8 people acquired by a multinational company, so startup vibes with corporate security.

I'm not a recruiter; I just work at Flood and want to find cool people I want to work with!

Details/application here:
jobs.smartrecruiters.com/TRICE &

Achievement unlocked! Just set up my mum with Bitwarden. Took a while to explain what it was and how to use it, but it's way better than her using the same password for every site.

A lot of performance engineers overemphasize technical aspects of a load test (scripting, app architecture, protocols) at the expense of human factors like fear. Here's my take on how FOMO affects web performance-- and how you can load test for it using open source tools: testguild.com/podcast/performa

We're continuously expanding and adding more servers globally! Recently, we added 16 servers in Amsterdam and 4 servers in Steenbergen for our Paid users. We also increased the capacity of our Free servers in the Netherlands. 🇳🇱 🌷

I tried out the beta version of the Proton Calendar but it's pretty much useless for me until there is a native mobile app for it.

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So I'm trying to wean myself off Google, and I'm stuck on a good solution for a calendar. Anyone have any FOSS alternatives that can also be viewed on mobiles and tablets?


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