Anyone's got a good app for Mastodon on PostmarketOS/Linux desktop with touch coompat? Using Tootle on my laptop but it doesn't want me to login on my Pinephone :(

@brandon whalebird seems to be working fine for now! Thanks!

Dunno what touch compat you need @nicolapcweek94, but I'm happy with on my LineageOS handheld computer.

@bignose tusky is great but it’s for android 😬 postmarketOS (and in general the various pinephone distros) is based on full desktop linux, so I’d have to run tusky in an android emulator. I’m sure there’s a way to do it though...

Oh @nicolapcweek94 that makes more sense.

Well, on a desktop I just use the web app in a full browser.

But I installed earlier in the year and it looks fine.

@bignose yeah i was trying out tootle too since that’s what i use on desktop but it doesn’t really like alpine linux or my version of flatpak or something... can’t get past the instance selector :/ i tried whalebird and it seems fine, for the moment i think i’ll stick to pinafore (lightweight web app) and try to get tootle to work if i can!

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