@person never too late to get one! They’re selling the upgraded version with usbc dock and 3GB RAM right now!

@nicolapcweek94 Not that it's late, but here in Turkey because of tax device costs around 420$ instead of 150$. Lira (₺) has next to no buying power (1 dollar makes for around 8 liras) so I can't afford one.

I'm curious about your experience with battery life and wifi speed. With my on , battery still drains crazy fast, wifi is dog slow. (<3 MBps). When I browse the Internet, after 20 minutes the phone often hangs with the screen on, and I have no choice but to make a hard shutdown. I switched to the Development channel as soon as I got it 2 weeks ago.

I'm not seeing much activity on PINE64 and UBports forums.

I might try .

@normandc Battery seems to hang around 5-6 hrs of standby, not super great but not super troubling. Wifi seems super slow, yes, but I have only tried it with my iPhone's hotspot (fiber connection and secondary sim are both at home, I'm currently on vacation), but I haven't got any hang while using uMastonauts, Quickddit, Teleports or FluffyChat. I'll definitely try and though.

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