Tooting from :emacs: :o This is so cool! works perfectly, one line setup.
Once again, wins!

@rage Well, you know the old saying that Vi(m) is the best text editor and Emacs the best OS, right?

Right now in my open buffers I have more non-files than files, and more non-local files than local files!

Mastodon, Telegram, Email, RSS, Web handled in :emacs:, plus TRAMP mode for editing remote files with your local emacs instance... It really is amazing once you get into it and start configuring it to your liking.

@nicolapcweek94 hahaha that's sick! Sometimes I get curious, but I could never get it to stick.

@rage it’s definitely a timesink! You get to the point where you have to decide whether to be productive or go hunting for shiny new stuff to add to it every time you sit in front of the pc, and I definitely fall too much on the shiny stuff side... But once you get something working it’s definitely rewarding!

@rage if you’re interested and coming from vim, you can get started with one of the distros (spacemacs, doom-emacs) or with evil-mode + something you’re interested in (magit, org, eww, notmuch, elfeed...) and go on from there adding piece by piece!

@nicolapcweek94 Would you toot a screenshot how it's looking in the UI?

@nicolapcweek94 Will you try to find a font that enables you emojis with that?

@publicvoit it does work with emojis... at least in telega.el. I think it might be due to mastodon.el not supporting them or smth

@nicolapcweek94 My guess was that this would work if you were using a font that supports Emojis.

@publicvoit I think (not sure!) Ubuntu Mono supports them... no?

@nicolapcweek94 Good question. Maybe you're right. This was just my guess.

@publicvoit Long range followup: Emojis now work!
I had to add Emojify, then if it is present it is autoloaded by mastodon-mode. Font support isn't enough apparently!

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