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> Imagine believing that a 500-year-old man built a massive boat and put two of every animal on it, but thinking COVID-19 is a hoax.

My for this week is, a fantastic that compiles to and (which is still incredibly fast!)

Give it a try if you're into LISPs!

@yarmo great job on and fantastic choice switching to AGPL! Here’s to another 100 MAJOR versions!

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Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

Please boost.

"oh, nice, Get-LocalGroupMember sounds exactly like what I'm looking for!"

>This cmdlet was made available with Server 2016 and Win10 1607+

Welp, back to net.exe we go then, thank you legacy systems.

So.... is FUBAR'd by community drama a couple of weeks after I install it for the first time... my usual luck. Anyone's got a decent distro for me to try out? I'm thinking either EndeavourOS or Solus, since they are basically the only two in the Distrowatch Top 100 I haven't tried yet (my only need is an up to date emacs-git package, or a quick way to install it)

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SCP Foundation is a really fucking cool take on collaborative fiction

Or at least... that's what they want us to think

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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

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What if we were able to make advanced electronics that last longer and don't need to hollow out the earth

What if we made factories that no one in particular needed to run, and maintenance would be done by the people who like the electronics and want to know more and keep using and improving them

What if we could recycle them

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Pssstt. Guess what, guys.....its Friday. Spread the word.💃

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Google account neutered.
Moved away from every Google service except YouTube.
Installed on phone without GApps,
About to close Gmail down (havent used it in over 2 years)
Between , and I hardly ever access YouTube proper.
Full closure of Google account imminent!

Tooting from :emacs: :o This is so cool! works perfectly, one line setup.
Once again, wins!

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Apparently hit a quarter million builds or something I dunno

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Britney Spears knows the truth about the deep state which is why the elites have her locked up

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