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Is it just me or is anyone too freaking exhausted to write on their blog? And have been a while?

Like, of course I want to, but I've got no energy. :oh_no:

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Today we reached 1000 followers in the fediverse.

Thank you for your interest and your support.

And never forget:
Do not trust corporate social media. When reach is important to you, remember to not put to much of that control into a single point of failure.
The fediverse mitigates this risk by developing a federated infrastructure allowing even accounts to migrate from one server to the other.

Playing with Fedora KDE as my main os and Nix + Home-Manager as my dotfile/environment sync system... This stuff is amazing!

My solution for day 14 here: gitlab.com/nicolapcweek94/adve

Today was fun, never worked with bitmasks before! Plus, my solutions both worked on first attempt which is always a plus.

Today's solution here: gitlab.com/nicolapcweek94/adve

Bonus challenge for today: since I didn't wake up early enough to do this "competitively" (not that I'd ever get on the leaderboard anyway) I decided to do today only using the array functions I've learned about in the past few days and recursion. Good thing PHP is so good at manipulating arrays!

Posted my Day 12 solution here:

Today was like relaxing smooth sailing compared to the past few days, even though part 2 looked waaaaay harder than it actually was in the end!

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After a couple of months here, I have come to a conclusion:

The downside of the fediverse is that there are a ton of people here who do genuinely amazing things that make me feel as if I'm not trying hard enough.

But the upside of the fediverse is that there are a ton of people here who do genuinely amazing things that make me feel happy.

On balance, it's pretty nice here. And yes, that likely means you.

Day 11 solution here: gitlab.com/nicolapcweek94/adve

This was fun, never thought I'd have to write ray casting code, and definitely not in PHP lol

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Minetest seems like a pretty decent game. Ive
been trying it for a few hours an am pretty impressed by the Mod management and performance.

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Greg Kroah-Hartman has a account. Well, it's not surprising finally.

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