@kde I blogged in more details about this new web portal here: carlschwan.eu/2020/09/13/devel

tl;dr it's going to be awesome 😎

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If you are interested in mobile-desktop convergence, then you may also be interested in the talk I will be giving in a few hours in #akademy2020. Join me at 16.30 UTC.


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#KDE - Plasma auf dem Desktop. Für den öffentlichen Nahverhehr im deutschsprachigem Raum + andere gibts #KTrip. RNV ist noch nicht dabei. Ob man das ändern kann?

In ktrip die Schieberegler eingestellt RMV ✔️ Badisch✔️ und Karlsruher Verkehrsbetriebe ✔️
Und jetzt geht auch Worms Mainzer Straße -> Mannheim Neckarau-Bf
mit Umsteigen und alles 👍👍👍
Eine Fehlanzeige 😀

less code == better code is a good rule of thumb, but not always true.

I just made a refactoring that increases the amound of code, but I'm confident that the new code is better in many ways than the old one

Debconf20 has been added to Kongress, the KDE conference companion application. The schedule's ical file is a little bit frugal but the basic information has been provided.

#debconf20 #kde #plasmamobile

The amount of entitlement some Linux users have continues to be staggering

For every feature you implement in your program there will be someone demanding an option to turn it off

If you told me yesterday that I would start my day with sending patches to GnuPG I would not have believed you

The new Telegram update features client-side decoration and it's horrible.

I consider CSD a bad idea in general, but this is way worse than it could be. It combines all the flaws of CSD with none of the benefits

A gentle tip for filing bugs: if someone asks you for a log, don't trim it. Really. Even if you see red lines or something that looks like an error to you, just include the whole log from start to finish. The only person who knows what is actually an error in your logs is the person fixing your bug, and they'll have to ask you to repost your logs if you trim them down.

Why some people open but reports without even trying to check what they claim?
They are wasting time of everybody including themselves.

Pros of being open source: People have awesome suggestions for your project
Cons of being open souce: People have weird and nonsensical suggestions for your project

Americans and Brits act surprised when they discover that the Nordics are very fluent in English.

I'd argue it's a necessity. Pop culture, the latest scientific developments, the Internet, most everything internationally significant is in English. We'd be so fucking isolated if we didn't polish our English skills.

I mean, if you published a scientific paper in Norwegian, who the fuck would read it? English is the lingua franca, and if you suck at it, you're kinda screwed.

If your bug report is more of a rant than a report then don't bother sending it

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I can't believe I have to say this, but for heaven's sake please don't insult people in bug reports

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