The other day fellow KDE developers and I got together to build a measurement lab to measure energy consumption


Qt DevCon ( is a conference for Qt developers coming up soon.

There will be lots of interesting talks, including me talking about KDE's journey to Qt6.

If you are a KDE developer and would like to attend you can get a 50% discount. If you are interested get in touch with me

Ich fordere eine Erbschaftsteuer für Objektorientierte Programmiersprachen


Today while on the train I wrote a small app that queries the bord bistro's menu from the onboard API. You know, normal things people do on a train

"First Ever Eco-Certified Computer Program: #KDE's Popular PDF-Reader #Okular"

The multi-platform universal document viewer now officially recognized for #sustainable software design.

#Ecolabel awarded for #transparency in #energy use, extending operating lives of devices, and enabling user #autonomy.

1st and only eco-certfied #software within 30 organizations of Global Ecolabelling Network!

Read more here:

#GermanEnvAgency #BMUV #BlauerEngel #BlueAngel


🇺🇦🆘 While Russia continues its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, millions of citizens are suffering from the consequences.

💛The European Pirates compiled of list of NGOs and institutions, to which you can donate to and help Ukraine's civil society.


Ukrainian refugees :

Deutsche Bahn lets refugees from the #Ukraine travel to #Germany for free.
If you arrive in #Poland, there are six Eurocity long-distance trains every day.
A Deutsche Bahn spokesperson said “It is supposed to just make it simpler for refugees to proceed their journey from the border.”
You need to present your Ukrainian passport or ID card at the ticket counter

Also Ceske Drahy the Czech railway company operates at no cost.

Finally took some time to sit down and write some documentation:

Still in early stages, but should provide a good introduction for potential contributors!

Who doesn't love Konqi pictures everywhere??

Some small but nice improvements to Plasma, plus cross-desktop standardization:

There's two kinds of Linux users. Those that find an issue in something and continue to use something else instead, and those that find an issue, work around it and don't tell anyone about it.

Both are the reason we can't have nice things

It's completely baffling to me how a large tech blog can share some obviously wrong article without doing as much as one minute of actual fact checking

Some musig on why .desktop files are important for window management and why we can't have nice things on X11

Calling us "an open alternative to Lightroom" gives the impression that we're trying to match Lightroom feature for feature, but we're not some knock off. We do things our own way, we have feature that Lightroom doesn't have and we lack some features that Lightroom does have.

We're a RAW editing application.

Semi-cursed project idea: A UPower backend that exposes your phone's battery via KDE Connect

All I want for christmas is for Android updates not to break something in KDE Connect every single time

I wonder how many software downloads out there are too large because they contain 30MB of OpenSSL manpage

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