Does anyone know if there is a mastodon server specifically for DIY musicians in US? I'm interested in the potential of starting one for my local scene in Chicago, and potentially beyond.

@nickharris I looked for one in Vancouver awhile back, with no luck. Talking to a local DIY jam space/ venue about starting one with their branding. Good luck in your hunt!

@nickharris I'll throw down on cost and admin duty with you if you want to spin one up

@nebunez I'll keep that in mind and let you know if/when I get something rolling :) Thanks!

Sorry but what do you mean with DYI musicians? Making (recording) music, making/fabricating instruments...?

@normandc @nickharris Where I'm from DIY musicians book their own tours, record their own albums, produce their own merch, even house their own shows. They help each other stay on the road, fed, and housed. Some of my favorite shows I've played/attended have been at DIY houses where entry is donation-based, people always buy merch, and everyone is your new best friend.

@nebunez @normandc Yep, I mean DIY exactly in the sense mentioned above. Part of the idea/ethos behind this kind of music-making is that ideally there is as little reliance on profit-seeking third parties as possible, and there can be more focus purely on the art/expression, connections between audience and musicians. A lot of people I know involved in this scene have issues with relying on Big Social Media to set up shows, connect with fans, other musicians, etc.

@nickharris Don't know anything that specific, but if you'd be OK with settling for a more general musician instance, @luka is running one here:
And you can find a few more here:

@nickharris would be exactly what you're looking for (US and DIY), but unfortunately it is gone.

this persistence and dissapearance of instances is quite a problem I guess. I hate that people open instances and invite folks over to invest their time and then just let it go when they have lost interest or time (however I'm not aware if admin of has made an effort to pass the torch to someone else).

thanks @Mayana

@nickharris @Mayana

I'm actually contacting the admin on twitter if they need someone to take over.

@nickharris @Mayana kind reminder: you might get more quality interaction from fediverse if you set up your avatar and bio. 🙂

@luka @Mayana I came across that link on my search and was also bummed to find it in neglect... I wonder how many people were using it, and if it might just be better to start over?

@nickharris Have you considered a Matrix room for realtime chat instead? We have a very active Finnish DIY synth music room on Matrix and bridged to IRC, Telegram and Discord.

@cos I hadn’t heard of Matrix rooms. I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip.

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