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If you self-host a Snikket server, we released a security update today that you should be aware of... for more details check our blog post:

MailMate: a powerful client email for MacOS Markdown integrated email composition

@praveen @snikket_im is still under development, and I am testing it. IMHO is a high-valuable project, and I am sure it will go ahead. I think that has all the XMPP necessary features

@praveen I tried almost all the XMPP apps for iOS and in the end I found that the best are @snikket_im and . is based on Siskin and currently is under still development. It's only my personal opinion

On the difficulty of achieving Differential Privacy in practice: user-level guarantees in aggregate location data

XMPP: the secure communication protocol that respects privacy

Also in Italian

Cactus Comments: a solution respecting privacy for the websites built with Hugo

Available also in Italian

Joint Press Statement by Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice of the European Commission, and Yoon Jong In, Chairperson of the Personal Information Protection Commission of the Republic of Korea

Questions & Answers on the adoption of the adequacy decision ensuring safe data flows between the EU and the Republic of Korea

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