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My new video is here! This is a 2-hour live presentation I did for students in February 2022.

It's intended as a beginner introduction to the world of FOSS audio production. Enjoy and remember that you sharing it can make all the difference :)

#unfa #FOSS #Linux #LinuxAudio #OpenSource #Libre #GNU #Ardour #Carla

As I dove into the way calendars and tasks (todos) work based on the caldav standard, it turns out that out of taskman (Linux CLI), the default Tasks app on iOS, the Nextcloud Tasks webapp and OpenTasks on Android, only the iOS default app can create recurring tasks, and only that handles them perfectly.
On the other hand, it totally ignores the fact that tasks could have start date/times, not just due date/times. All other applications handle that part.

I did not find a way to sync "todo" tasks and calendar events on the panel into a small applet from multiple calendar sources.

So, I installed khal, khard, todoman, vdsyncer and xfce4-genmon-plugin, spent 2 days configuring them and setting up a systemd timer.

You can find the two scripts I add to genmon on my xfce4-panel :xfce: (that I use on dwm :dwm: )

I will be refining the scripts, adding template configuration files, and more.


When it comes to social media platforms, the most important factor seems to be the "network effect".
But then why Twitter, that is only 17th on the list [1], became the "virtual town square" where all our important societal discussions are supposed to happen?


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What do you think? Has the PinePhone failed?

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Today in my series on the desktop environments available on Arch Linux, I am taking a look at the LXQt desktop environment.

Today's OpenSuspect coding stream ended up being super productive!

Hope to see you guys next time.

I'll be streaming my coding session in for the project!

Start is in approx. 4 and a half hours, but keep your eyes on the YT link for updates (or see me replying to this post)

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People who say LOL WHO NEEDS A COMPUTER, I CAN DO EVERYTHING IN MY PHONE!! clearly don't have things to do.

The human brain is just not built for handling large data sets and statistics.

Every day I see people who think the "I've seen one example of A" anecdote is a good argument against "A is very unlikely but B is very likely" in every aspect of life.

You might buy the most reliable thing on the market, and still catch a faulty product. You can chose to do something absolutely dangerous and get through it without a scratch.

Every time someone posts an interesting opinion where I'd love to participate in a discussion, I just get super frustrated that I need to limit myself to 500 characters.

Can someone tell me, who decided that "microblogging" is going to be where it's at?

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the mission of a Linux distribution is to make all the things our users *don't* care about effortless and simple, so that they can invest all of their energy and attention into the one or two things they *do* care about.
- Russ Allbery, architecte cybersécurité

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It still puzzles me how a _Distributed_ version control system like ended up in the most centralised thing...

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From 2020 to 2021, Nextcloud increased its growth with 75% more revenue and a 10x higher userbase.

We would like to thank our community for their dedication, support, and hard work the past 2 years.

Thank you from #Nextcloud 💙

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We're very close to releasing 7.4... But we'd appreciate some help with testing, before it goes live 💪 Give our QA team a hand, test the new features, and report any issues:

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I rather wait for someone like @PINE64 to do it "correctly" than to throw even more money to companies who will decide that in a few years its fine to disable/remove half of the features I bought the device for.

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