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Reminder to all Ultimate Hacking Keyboard owners that we have an unofficial community Discord server at -- or join via IRC, # @ Freenode (note: two hashes; tunneled to Discord).

"Just store datetimes as UTC" considered harmful.

I made a flag quiz game with : -- sources: -- Works best on devices with physical keyboard. You can answer in English or Finnish. Code is hacky but it works.

I needed a package to parse dotenv files to make my runtime.exs config streamlined, so I made one:

I am also unfairly censored online. The ones in the shadows just can't handle the truth. The only thing I said was that C++ should be outlaw%#"&{/=NO CARRIER

My trusty shopping workhorse waiting to be loaded up with groceries. I use it when I can because it's simply more fun than driving.

Blew my mind that I watched the iPhone 1 keynote and they showed a clip of The Office (US) on the phone. I would have assumed the show came way after, but had already run for 2 years. I also would have thought Friends ended before 2001. The timeline in my brain is spaghetti.

Using Dialyzer is sometimes like programming with someone who speaks a language you don't understand, and as a result you can only communicate with facial expressions and hand waving.

I updated my configuration helper post for Elixir v1.11, feedback welcome!

Really excited for 1.11!

Watching videos on the TV while programming works surprisingly well. Not like I can store any useful information in my memory from them, but somehow it helps me focus and hearing other people be excited about Elixir gives me motivation.

I don't have kids but I'm convinced making Ethernet patch cables is the same as getting 8 unruly children to all sit straight and smile for the group photo.

Just had a moment where Firefox would go to every site except Fosstodon for some reason… Took a restart to fix it.

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"Google drops Blogspot India domain breaking hundreds of thousands of links"

What a mess!


1. Move away from Blogspot. It's not getting any love

2. Own your domain name even if you post on someone else's platform (so you can switch if necessary)

Moving soon and my has been downgraded due to even the monitors being packed. At least a split keyboard allows for some ergonomics. :D

I've been looking at posts but since it has taken me 5 years to get 69 posts (of varying quality) on my current blog, I feel like 100 is a way too big number for me. :D

The alternative to functional programming is dysfunctional programming.

I just want to know... how did they paint the graffiti up there?!

Something odd is happening on my @fosstodon UI. :D I'm not even doing anything. Stopped after refreshing the page.

ExSpeedGame (running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with ) now has a score display powered by Phoenix LiveView: :)

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