@cybette I think it must have been some old Mac, with classic Mac OS and the power button in the keyboard, that we had at home for a while. Or a 4 MHz (Pomi?) at school with Windows 3.1 (or just MS DOS).

@cybette @schmittlauch Yeah it's getting ridiculous how much slush is coming down! We just had drainage renovation so our yard is a mudpit now. :D Sadly we moved far beyond the tram routes, but will have to try it for fun some day.

@cyberfarmer That's fair. I wish the best for Matrix, it's really spiffy tech.

@cyberfarmer What are the recent news on Discord? The Microsoft thing?

@timonsku Finnish version would be väsykiukku (väsy = tiredness, kiukku = angriness). A close friend of nälkäkiukku (hangriness).

@cybette The solution to too many keyboards is more keyboards? I like that. I have this collection photo but I should update it soon as it's outdated… :D

@cybette Categorise this under "videos that end too soon" for sure. :D It ends right as it gets good!

@markosaric Wow, it's actually better than Google Translate for Finnish, which is usually a very difficult language for automatic translation. Thanks for the tip, will start using this.

@root I read this as the creator of NTFS, and was very confused how filesystems and pyramid schemes are related.

@thang Looks like wrongly detected character encoding. Make sure it specifies the correct charset in the headers or meta tag.

Reminder to all Ultimate Hacking Keyboard owners that we have an unofficial community Discord server at discord.gg/b4z4rfv -- or join via IRC, # @ Freenode (note: two hashes; tunneled to Discord).

@KappaWingman Domain parking and reselling is a shitty thing to do.

@quinn For future times yep. For past times, the issue is in aggregation. For example the "Total XP per hour of days" here: codestats.net/users/Nicd -- I couldn't do that accuratelyt with just UTC, I need the original local time.

@starbreaker @quinn UTC for most cases, naive datetimes for some others. I.e. DateTime and NaiveDateTime (`:utc_datetime` and `:naive_datetime` in Ecto terms). I use naive local times for some data aggregation.

@quinn Sometimes UTC is not enough. Future timestamps, aggregating past timestamps… Sure it fits most scenarios but it's not a fit for every situation.

"Just store datetimes as UTC" considered harmful.

@cybette If it works for you! I kind of had to go to a split keyboard to save my wrists and fingers. Now typing with a laptop is odd, and it hurts my neck as the screen is too low. I still do it but only in small amounts.

In fact I've found that a split keyboard is very handy in my favourite home programming spot, the couch. :D I can sit quite comfortably and place the parts on my legs or the couch headrest, while my laptop is on a small table on the proper height so I don't have to look down.

@cybette Solution is to get one keyboard and stick to it. :)

I got an Ultimate Hacking Keyboard and beside the silly name, it's so good that I have no reason to use anything else. Of course I'm not nearly as mobile as you seem to be, but if I was I'd still carry it with me. I did get another for the office so I didn't have to carry it _every_ day (which is really useful now with COVID :D).

@yyp Elixir: No loops, only recursion. `for` is a list comprehension.

@dajbelshaw Well, the climate *is* changing, and that is an emergency for us.

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