I got mine used, I forget the make. The safety handle is easy to pull. I dislike having to deal with the cord though, always making knots... Thinking of upgrading to a cordless one, but as long as this one keeps working I feel the new purchase would be needless consumerism. 😳

Back and front yards are small in my street, I wish all my neighbours would have electric lawnmowers. If my patio door is open when my neighbour mows her lawn, it quickly stinks up the house. 🙄


@normandc I would have gotten a corded one but my wife and dad "forced" me to get a battery powered mower and now I'm kind of glad. Except for the handle designed for the Hulk himself.

I'm enjoying mowing a lot more now that I don't feel like puking due to the exhaust all the time. It's quieter and vibrates less as well. _And_ there's no maintenance to do except to sharpen the blade periodically. So I'm afraid you'll have to live with yours for a while… :D

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