I made a flag quiz game with : -- sources: -- Works best on devices with physical keyboard. You can answer in English or Finnish. Code is hacky but it works.

@nicd That's pretty neat! (by the way you should add a link to the website to the gitlab, almost missed the direct link at first).

This game is very hard if you don't know many flags 😂

@nicd When you don't figure out a flag and run out of time, can you change it so that it tells you what the flag was? That way at least you learn something even if you don't get any of them correct :)

@axelson Not at the moment. The game is related to a geocache and we don't want it to be too crowded so as not to annoy the local residents. Also my wife thinks it would be too easy and not a challenge at all then. :D We have thought of upping the timer to 15 seconds though.

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