What the incident shows is how dependent companies around the world are on trade with the US. One night and suddenly Huawei has no OS licence and no chips being delivered.

Not OS license, it's the permission to google's add-ons, huawei can still install andriod on their phones. It's not a big deal for Huawei, mainland china blocked google so it has no effect on phone sold in china, which the main profit from. But still a dead switch for it's global expention though.

@gxtony Sure, they can install AOSP. But a lot of what normal users would think of as Android has largely been moved into Google Play Services and the store. Huawei without Google would be a nonstarter in my country (Finland) for example.

@nicd @gxtony from my point of view, google play is like all appland, vast replication of a small set of useful methods that float above a long list of OSs - it can be reduced to an exceedingly small object model (on any device, but preferably Risc-V) and accessed by the User in, say, a browser

@nicd @gxtony China still has all this too work with, only missing is google play - media articles state that phones will be vulnerable because security fixes appear later in ASOP than Google Play aka Services - if so (which I doubt), then that needs to be fixed, but the US government is screwed-up in conflict now that...

@nicd @gxtony obviously China can easily fork F-Droid and allow app makers back on phones .. but China is RIGHT communism, not the leftish pacifist pseudo-socialism of GNU (that we live in, RMS still rules with his puppet-pet linus, why we cannot have a microkernel architecture)

@nicd not true, they can still use the os, it is open source after all, it's just the Google apps they can't ship.

@elfring Yeah what I mean are the Google parts. But let's face it, nobody (e.g. in EU) will buy a non-Google Android device, except for some geeks. So it might as well be the whole OS.

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