Small USB-powered computer (think Raspberry Pi), with enough power to capture 1080p video from at least two cameras, save it to disk, and possibly stream over WiFi. Plus points for having enough power to store GPS and other sensor data as well.

Does such a thing exist? What kind of HW and SW would you recommend? Unsure how powerful these small boards are nowadays.

@nicd I tried a RP3+ with MotionEyeOS. I attached 2 USB Full HD Cameras and it was a very slow experience. However, in my case it was for surveillance purposes.

@CamiloGTR Thanks, my use case would be a dashcam basically, so I would require 30 fps at the minimum.

@nicd There are cheap and really nice dashcams on the web if you don't want to build up one, by yourself.

@CamiloGTR Yeah, I have two in my car. But they are sometimes buggy and a couple have broken just like that, so I don't have much trust in them. Additionally their small batteries are useless.

Building something like this myself would be part of the fun. :)

@nicd I'd love to see your project if you don't mind sharing it.

@CamiloGTR I promise to write about it on my blog and link here if I get something made. :)

@nicd Nice, have a look here: I'd like to test a Rock64, but I haven't had the chance to get one.

@stevenroose @nicd as science in "Just for science", but my approach was more "for the lulz" 😅 . I saw the OS, mentioned in a couple of articles, and I wanted to test how it was. It's good, but not for 2 HD cameras running on a RP3+.

@nicd I would have suggested to try something rk3399-based, but it probably draws too much power to run just "usb-powered" in your use case.

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