Yard sales today in my area. Scored a rocking chair and now I have a new (free time) programming setup! Works great with the UHK in my lap.

I wrote a library to get hex colours for programming languages based on GitHub data: hex.pm/packages/language_colou

If you open a file in Preview and then delete the file in the background, Preview immediately closes the window. WTF?

A fine addition to my . Scored a Celeston Royal vacuum tube radio (from 1957?). Sounds gorgeous. Made an aux cord for it to listen to anything I like, though its FM tuner works too.

's "utf8" doesn't fit all of UTF-8. 's "timestamp with time zone" doesn't store the timezone. Turns out databases are just lying rascals.

So turns out has gone full 4chan. The staffers are speaking like they are on /pol/ or /b/.

3 years ago I didn't have a single and the height of my typing experience was a 90's beige Key Tronic rubber dome. Then I got a discarded Cherry from work that I restored, and it bit me… Family photo update.

Whenever I open a new PR:
News travels fast when you've got a class like my sweet design. 🎵

The code reviewer:
Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no… 🎶

Related to the above, the official Elixir IRC channel has been moved to @ irc.libera.chat.

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Now has in its topic: "Remember, we do not support spamming or advertising other networks in channels topics or in other forms." (This is not mentioned in the policy.)

This is just way too vague. Many projects have channels on multiple networks and communication software.

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killed the Elixir IRC channel -lang, "The topic is in violation of freenode policy", apparently for mentioning the @liberachat channel in the topic as an alternative. Even though it is an official project channel.

There is pandemonium on -services as many other channels have been hit by the same enforcement. Freenode has said it was "erroneous", but I wonder how you erroneously suspend every channel mentioning Libera in its topic.

Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses: Google is the source of truth. Bumped into this again today with Foodora, as our address has changed from let's say 15 to 15a.

I can type in "Street 15a" to the address selector, but it forces me to select it from a Google Maps dropdown, and then removes the "a" as I guess it's not yet in Google's data. So even though there are two houses here, 15a and 15b, I cannot specify 15a. Instead I must write it in the additional info box.

Andrew Lee who took over Freenode is the person behind IRC.com: mastodon.social/@fribbledom/10 (also how do I "retweet with comment" on Mastodon?)

Today is the most fun I've had on IRC in years.

Inspired by @kev, (at home):

- Martela outlet refurbished office chair
- Ultimate Hacking Keyboard (v2 test version)
- 27" 1440p monitor
- A mess as always
- Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones, love 'em
- Rubber duck
- Not raisable desk unfortunately, it's a custom dual desk made from Ikea parts we had. My wife's desk is on the right half.

users are the vegans of the programming world. Blamelessly mocked and vilified because deep down everyone knows they are morally superior.

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