Bought an BP125N player at flea market, updated to firmware LG_BD_7300M51.ROM, and it no longer boots at all, stuck in LG logo. Any ideas anyone? Holding power button won't reset it.

I don't have a working video editor so I cut videos with ffmpeg -ss and -to switches and then "ffmpeg -f concat -i script.txt -c copy movie.mp4". It's painful though, please suggest something worthwhile. :D I used to use iMovie but it is now refusing to export anything in higher quality than 720p.

Got a free phone from a friend and used it to make a dashcam of sorts for my bicycle. Uses OpenCamera from F-Droid for recording, works well! Maybe when the warranty is over, I can power it directly from the bike battery, but not yet. :D

Just switched around the cases of my 's. Really easy operation, it's designed for user serviceability and has guides for disassembly on the website. Made me think all products should be like this. How many things could be fixed by the end user and not end up at the landfill if there only were proper instructions available!

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Is there such a thing as too many RGB LEDs in a computer? I thought not.

I run a free web service to collect statistics about programming called Code::Stats. It's made by me along with some contributors, and is 100 % open source (MIT). It integrates with a plugin to most of the common editors.

If you are interested, you can check out and maybe even help us make it better. :)

Sources for most things can be found here:

All feedback is welcome!

Is it ok to show your own project (web service) here? It's free to use (doesn't make me any money currently) and open source, but I don't want to come off as a spammer.

Level 44! :) Two very active days and still a bit more to do today.

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Using Rust to Scale Elixir for 11 Million Concurrent Users,

@discordapp is using @rustlang to improve the performance of their Member List feature.

tl;dr result: From 500µs with Sorted List (Elixir) to 0.61µs with StoredSet (Elixir+Rust).

Reinstalling Linux on a laptop, I always forget how slow USB sticks work and how many of ours have broken with time. 50 minutes to copy a 2 GB Ubuntu image, damn!

What the incident shows is how dependent companies around the world are on trade with the US. One night and suddenly Huawei has no OS licence and no chips being delivered.

So where are all the programmers on the Fediverse?

Small USB-powered computer (think Raspberry Pi), with enough power to capture 1080p video from at least two cameras, save it to disk, and possibly stream over WiFi. Plus points for having enough power to store GPS and other sensor data as well.

Does such a thing exist? What kind of HW and SW would you recommend? Unsure how powerful these small boards are nowadays.

Mastodon seems to be popping the same posts to the top many times in timelines. I.e. I see a post and a minute later it pops up to the top of the timeline again, even though it's the same post. 🤔

Can I hide the search/composing panel on the left? Seems like a big waste of space to have a text box and just empty space under it to the page's bottom.


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