Shameless plug:

Red Hat's big annual tech conference went virtual this year (thanks COVID-19). But also, the two day virtual event is free to attend now!

If you're interested in checking out all of the amazing content from Red Hat Summit for $0, learn more about it and register here:

Full disclosure: I'm a Red Hatter and my team has built a pretty incredible Kubernetes + Kafka + Knative + Tensorflow + Ceph demo for this event. I am super proud of their hard work!

@nhr I'm really excited about it. Now that's it's online I can finally attend :)

@nhr I'd like to say I'll see you all there, but considering the venue...

I definitely will be "attending" though. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


It is a shame things have turned out like this, however at least this gives the opportunity to "visit" to some folk who otherwise wouldn't be able to either due to financial or distance issues

As someone who falls in both those categories, this year I experienced more conferences and "meetups" than ever.

So thank you, your team and everyone else working on these E-conferences during the outbreak

@nhr Thanks for sharing! I'm excited for this because I've been interested in RHS for years but couldn't justify the costs involved. I'll be sure to tune in!

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