I'm currently looking at non-Google, non-Apple cloud storage options. The challenge is this: I don't trust myself as the best person to administer my secure cloud storage, either. So while a solution like self-hosted ownCloud looks good from a FOSS and privacy perspective, I don't trust myself to run one effectively and couldn't respond to an attack. Curious to hear if anyone else has been kicking this around, and if you've found a cloud storage service you trust... Maybe

@nhr I use tarsnap for my backups and such. It's pretty good, though it does cost.

Did you consider nextcloud as a service? There are *some* providers around. Do you need it as backup, or as a two-way sync. If for backup, I am using Microsoft quite nicely (CloudBerry and rclone)

@kokan I want to be able to use the service like DropBox (so, two-way sync). The intent is that I will have the same level of access to my files on a burner laptop as I would on my own laptop.


Well, I guess this might be best compromise between manageability you get and supporting FOSS/caring about ethical apps/privacy - I never used those though, so don't consider this as recommendation, just as an idea:F

@kokan @nhr if you want to have a managed Nextcloud I can recommend PortKnox ( from the provider list if you prefer a small but really good community provider. If you prefer a big provider you should have a look at

@nhr If you want some folder on your computer to be synced with a provider (another computer or set of computers) you can try syncthing. It works p2p and using relays if a direct connection is not found. You can run your own relay if you don't trust the public ones. All traffic is encrypted e2e. You can leave a server at home running and your computer will keep "syncthing". (I use it to sync folders between different computers)

@fmartingr syncthing sounds interesting -- I'll have to read up on that.

@nhr If we're talking about a backup solution, I'm using borg against my own server at home via VPN, but if you don't want to maintain that I've heard is cool. Backups are encrypted by default so storing things on the "cloud" shouldnt be a problem.

@nhr I tried borg once, I should probably look into borgbase for offsite backup.

@nhr Earlier this year I paid for a lifetime (one time payment) 500GB plan from pCloud to store my photos and other media.

Very happy so far. Linux, iOS, and Android clients all work well. Since it was a one time payment, no monthly fee.

I don't know that much about the company, so take that for what you will. I also do onsite backups of really critical stuff in case they vanish overnight.

@nhr I had a good experience with pCloud. They had a lifetime account when I bought it. They also include an encrypted section for files and a public share.

@nhr super simple solution might be Syncthing. It basically uses bit torrent to sync things between multiple computers.

@nhr Spider Oak was good, once upon the time. I can not remember why I left them.

@nhr I have non google non apple cloud storage to secure your data

@nhr pCloud ( is a Switzerland based cloud storage service. Switzerland is well known for their strict privacy regulations. You do not have to worry about configuring your own server or any hassle. It is user friendly like Google drive.

@zatrsakr @nhr I can recommend MEGA too, but it is a very slow service to load if you have over 1 TB of data. Otherwise, it is perfect! One more downside though: it is located in New Zealand and therefore goes under their laws.

@nhr and offer hosted Nextcloud.

Disroot appear to be aligned with freedom and privacy principles.

Woelkli are privacy focussed and located in Switzerland.

I have a personal nextcloud, _but_ I had before and still use syncthing. It is a little funny to plumb together, but has clients for all the things.

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