Shameless plug: I’m doing a DJ set tonight from 8pm -> midnight US Eastern time. If you’re looking for a virtual party to see off 2020, join in!

(My kids came up with “Father Cashmere” 🤷‍♂️)

Question for the fediverse: I’m a hobbyist DJ that does a livestream set every Friday night. How do I promote myself _without_ using the typical social media channels? I have a website for my DJ persona but I don’t really see any way of promoting myself if I want to avoid Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like...

Friendly reminder that Command Line Heroes is a thing, it's absolutely spectacular, and is hosted by the one and only @saronyitbarek.

Getting members of the medieval bourgeoisie to sell each other out... flipping burghers


I am fairly certain the election lawsuits will not pan out. Election officials (republicans _and_ democrats, depending on the state) knew they would be under the microscope and so they did everything as “by the book” as possible. Happy to debate this with you if you think differently; I’m not a party zealot and I’m always willing to consider reasonable evidence.

That all said, with the election behind us... I’m looking forward to not caring about politics for a while.

Random thought: after twenty years of continuous inhabitants, the inside of the International Space Station has got to smell like corpse farts.

Observation of the moment. My DJ software has guessed the tempo of many of my dance tracks at 70 BPM. They are definitely 140. Need to retag those before I accidentally drop one of them after a slow dance...

As a US citizen who has already cast their vote, I'm going off grid promptly at the end of my work day today, and I'll check back in tomorrow. There's enough fear and anxiety in my household and my extended family without my contributions.

When it comes to panic over things that we can't control -- like, how votes are counted in other states, or how many lawyers each party has -- a particular Zen proverb comes to mind:

"Let go, or be dragged."

Yesterday was Halloween in the United States, and I have consumed enough sugar in the last 24 hours for two lifetimes. I’m legitimately concerned about having a candy-induced hangover tomorrow.

I respect everyone’s right to their opinion. And I disagree with Donald Trump’s base of followers on what direction our country should be going. But I don’t think that referring to them as “those MAGA fuckers” is the way forward either.

If that is the level of discourse you want to have... just realize that you aren’t creating a space for meaningful conversation.

oh you know, just thinking about how all the money wasted on useless bullshit like "cloud gaming" could fund an expanded state education department for like half a century

View Red Hat’s response to Boot Hole Vulnerability - GRUB 2 boot loader - (CVE-2020-10713):

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