Is it an oversight that flatpak doesn't provide a mechanism to check for updates?

I've been through the documentation for the flatpak command and there doesn't appear to be anything.

Sure there is the update function but that updates all and anything.

How does a technology that claims to be "The future of packaging on Linux" not provide this simple function.

Am I wrong in wanting to update flatpaks selectively after seeing what's available?

@neildarlow Uhm, `flatpak update <your desired flatpak to update>` works very well. There is also a dbus interface.

What are you missing? Maybe I can help finding the missing bits and pieces :)

@sheogorath From what you've told me, to update packages selectively I'd have to do:

1) flatpak update (declining to update)
2) flatpak update app-id

I see how that could work. It's not perfect but doable.

My original post came from my experience with Linux Mint which has a decent package updater but, it appears, they just perform a hidden "flatpak update" to manage installed flatpaks.

I guess integration isn't there yet but forced updates I don't particularly like.

@neildarlow I understand your point there, but I want to point out that these days secure defaults matter. And secure defaults include (fully) automated updates. I can see why Linux Mint went that road as it does impose close to no risk to automate updates with flatpak.

@sheogorath I think it's a case of not fully appreciating flatpak management.

Updates may occur automatically, and it's a personal choice if you're OK with that, but there's no automated cleanup of leftover runtimes etc.

Being hidden, it worries me also that you get no indication of what updates were performed and whether they were successfully completed.

I guess you could wade through the systemd journal to get this information but an average user won't do that.

@neildarlow there is `flatpak remove --unused` to remove obsolete runtimes.

I guess there is simply still some work on flatpak management left to do on Linux Mint. Maybe raise an issue in the Linux Mint issue tracker to move things forward constructively :)


@sheogorath There was a post in the Linux Mint website with upcoming features for 20.1. I asked, nicely, if we could investigate adding flatpak management to the Software Updater already. 😉

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