Hardware question: How big a risk of heat damage would I be taking by leaving my laptop in a car that's parked outside, in the shade, in ~85 degree (F) weather for a week+?

I know that the car will get much hotter than the outside temperature. On the other hand, that's still much cooler than the running temperature of a laptop under load. On the third hand, the heat under load is concentrated in areas that are designed for it; I'm not sure how other components would do.

Anyone have thoughts?


@codesections 85°F is less than 30°C and consumer electronics are, conservatively, rated for use in ambient temperatures up to 35°C.

Given that your laptop won't be powered under those conditions you will be fine. If it really bothers you, place it under a front seat where it will be in close contact with the floor and in the coolest part of the car.

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