So I did an upgrade to convert my Anycubic i3 Mega to an Anycubic Mega-S.

The recommendation was to set the steps/mm for the extruder to 384 but that resulted in severe under-extrusion. Performing a calibration of the extruder resulted in a steps/mm value of 480.

I did my measurements with a ruler alongside the filament entering the extruder and I wanted to determine the extruder gear ratio.

Original extruder was 96 and replacement 480 so that's a 1:5 ratio.

Job done and printing nicely now.

Time to upgrade the Anycubic i3 Mega to a Mega-S to permit printing of TPU filament.

A modestly-priced (20GBP) upgrade kit gives a new extruder and printer-mounted filament spool holder.

Cheaper than buying another printer which I don't need.

You know, the hardest part of self-hosting on your own hardware is... dust!

Most commodity hardware isn't designed to keep the stuff out. A piece of PC hardware with fans running 24/7 for several years will become full of dust.

Yes, periodic brushing-out and air dusting will clear it out but then you have the inevitable need to replace fans that have struggled against dust build-up and have lost the fight.

Maybe passively cooled, low-power hardware fed from a wall-wart is the way to go. πŸ€”

Has nobody caught on to this?

JLCPCB has added features for online PCB design and, more recently, integration with their surface mount assembly facility.

All sounds nice but what's next? Give us your source code and we'll program devices and functionally test your board.

Are people really gullible enough to give away their designs completely like this?

I yearn for the days I programmed mainframes. I wonder if one of those Linux-based FPGA boards could be configured to replicate a DEC VAX 780 or an IBM 360?

Happy New Year from the UK.

May 2020 bring you success in all you do.

I've been looking for a backup audio recorder but also had thoughts about occasional video capability.

The Zoom Q2n is a neat device that will scratch that itch. It'll complement the Zoom H5 that I adready have rather than replace it.

@dino Waiting for Dino to fix itself.

Version 0.0~git615.20191224.4197b58 and one previous from the PPA produce a segmentation fault at startup. 😞

@fedilab Hi. Do you know of any reason why Fedilab reports that I have 26 followers when I have 67?

Is this a limitation of the platform rather than a client issue? I recall that when I tried Tusky, that reported an incorrect value also.

How did your Linux Mint 19.3 upgrade go?

Add a comment below describing any issues or failures.

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia release announcement has been posted on the Linux Mint blog. Upgrade instructions are to follow soon.

I see a lot of talk about OpenNIC and how we should be jumping aboard it but isn't there a fundamental problem?

Unless all DNS providers list OpenNIC in their forwarders isn't it a limited solution? Sure we can register domains on OpenNIC but unless the wider world can resolve them it seems pointless.

Also, if you have multiple domain registries they could have duplicates and then who is deemed definitive?

Actually used Awk for something useful.

I've been using the ffmpeg loudnorm audio filter to adjust podcast audio to -16 LUFS (actually -19 LUFS for two-channel mono) and it's a two pass process.

I use one Awk call to parse the loudnorm output for measured I, LRA and TP into a script variable for input to the second pass.

Another Awk call on the second pass parses output to provide an indication of the loudness normalisation result.

A case where a simple shell script helps a workflow a lot.

It's time to update my FreeBSD systems from 12.0-RELEASE to 12.1-RELEASE.

I use freebsd-update to manage the OS update but the 132 ports on the servers are built from source. That'll keep portmaster busy for a while. Perhaps I'd better run it under a detached screen session. 😊

@fedilab Hi.

Using fedilab 2.26.1 and it appears that the in-app notification switch (Notify) does not disable notifications.

With this set to Off, my phone still reports heavy battery usage (and it does drain battery fast even with No live notifications selected).

Disabling notifications for the app in System Settings does work.

Something worth investigating.

I thought it was time I replaced Scribus with Scribus NG (from the developers PPA) on my systems.

It appears that Scribus was the only application using Qt4 so I was able to remove those packages too. 😊

Am I the only one unable to login to from mobile clients?

I've tried fedilab and Tusky. Both won't login but I can login from a desktop web browser.

Just put Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon Beta on some old hardware I had doing nothing.

For the first time I observed Cinnamon with a memory footprint under 1GB so that's about a 200MB reduction on previous version.

The circular Linux Mint logo makes an appearance on the boot screen and menu button most obviously.

The third new application, hinted-at but not named, appears to be "Drawing" which I suspect is a port to XApp format of gpaint.

First impressions are that it's a worthy upgrade to 19.2.

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