Isn't WSL a complete misnomer? Surely it's a Linux Subsystem for Windows.

Maybe it's an attempt by Microsoft to "own" the technology.

@fedilab I noticed that my toots from Fedilab are attributed to Mastalab (in the lower right). Is this intended or an oversight?

It feels unnerving to generate long, unmemorable, passwords in KeePassXC and use them to replace memorable ones for all my web logins.

Then there's the database unlock password to remember and keeping the YubiKey at hand always.

I'm trying to accept that without this technology I'll now be locked-out of all those websites and attribute it to better security practices. Trying! 😙

I never knew that microphones would become collectable for me.

I started with a Samson Go-Mic model. It's a nice little thing but noisy and needs reduction.

Next I added a R0de NT1 condenser and Scarlett 2i2 USB interface. This is a fantastic microphone but you need a very quiet environment.

Then I wanted something very portable and bought a TOQIBO lavalier model which I use with Easy Voice Recorder Pro on my Android phone.

Now I've acquired an AKG D5 for interviews and noisier environments.

In memoriam of all those who died on the beaches and in the fields of Normandy. They will not be forgotten.

Just had an email from my bank (Lloyds) alerting me to the fact that, from this September, UK banks will be deploying some form of 2FA for online transactions and Internet banking.

Are Conversations on Android and Dino on GNU/Linux becoming a standard?

Perhaps both being open source XMPP clients has something to do with it. The support for recent XEPs in both is a plus too.

I'm beginning to think that DMARC is a flawed technology.

Many of the reports I send for received emails reference non-existent accounts or those not serviced having full inboxes.

I had one today which has a misspelled mailto: prefix on their reporting URI. The domain is registered to a Panama-based entity with no contact details.

I attribute some of these to cut-and-run developers who implement systems for clients without factoring-in the requirement for ongoing feature management.

Firefox 66.0.4 for Android has arrived and my addons have been re-enabled. Privacy has been restored. 😎

Oops! Looks like Fedilab 1.80.3 is displaying content posted behind a CW by default even with the setting to automatically display such content turned off. 😱

My next server software evolution, largely prompted by the upcoming end-of-life for Python-2.7.

Fail2Ban - - > SSHGuard
Mailman-2 - - > MLMMJ

Oh look, I no longer need Python on my server - win! 😊

(edit: missed link)
If you use Firefox and open this link and see "", you should read the blog entry linked there and fix your firefox config:

A question for those playing Minetest V5 on Android devices. Does the Content Browser work for you?

Whenever I attempt to use it, I get an error and traceback listing.

Minetest V5 has resolved all the launcher display issues that previous versions had on my Honor 8X phone. Now I need to learn how to navigate the UI by just using finger touches. Excellent work development team.

Apache Software Foundation now hosts its projects on GitHub. Is that a good or bad thing?

Spent today implementing DNS leak prevention for OpenVPN connections on .

Pleased that I was able to import standard .ovpn files into NetworkManager Wireless Settings by just dropping a tiny script into /etc/network/If-up.d/

In researching this, I was amazed how much misinformation and dirty hacks are circulating on the Internet to address this problem.

By gaining an understanding of the problem the solution was determined to be amazingly simple.

TL;DR: Set Domain on the VPN to ~.

I get a lot of email from "hackers" who have apparently hacked my computer and recorded me doing various things. Ignoring the fact that, uh, no you didn't, I'm not at all intimidated by the fact you have "Mike.mp4". How incriminating could this video possibly be? Really?

So now Mozilla will be enabling Hyperlink Auditing in Firefox soon. What is it with browser vendors wanting to erode the privacy of their users? Is there financial gain in it for them?

I've recently switched to Brave on my Android phone. It looks like it could be an option for my laptop and desktop PCs too.

Part two of hardening my computing infrastructure. I want to use this gadget to hold my OpenPGP secret keys used for signing/encrypting e-mail and SSH access to remote systems.

I'm seeing the presence of secret keys on a laptop as a potential vulnerability in the case of hardware theft.

Yes, I could encrypt /home but that doesn't seem to have the same sense of security as being able to physically lock away those secret keys.

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