Arch users, have you experienced SSH not providing an interactive shell on the remote recently?

I noticed, on connecting, my usual prompt had got changed to some default, minimal, thing.

Looking at .bashrc it suggested that the shell wasn't interactive (PS1 wasn't being assigned).

Sure enough, executing "ssh -t host /usr/bin/bash -l" restores previous operation.

For now I've put the equivalent of those flags in .ssh/config, for my Arch hosts, but I feel something isn't right here.

Following the latest application updates on my Android phone, my keyboard greets me with "Microsoft SwiftKey" emblazoned on the spacebar. Marketing has arrived! πŸ™„

Goodbye Arduino IDE you have served me well.

Hello VSCodium and PlatformIO, let's go forward together.

Working my way through learning how to use the Assembly 4 Workbench in .

I see the obvious benefit of being able to view multi-part projects assembled.

There's another benefit when designing for 3D Printing. You can design the objects in the orientation they will be made on the 3D Printer.

There's nothing worse than being presented with a STL file and having to figure out which orientation it needs for a successful print.

So, I had a play with PulseAudio and JACK coexistence (using pulseaudio-module-jack) and it sort of worked sometimes. 😊

I've now bitten-the-bullet and ordered an analogue mixer to do things properly.

It actually makes sense to have analogue audio going into the recorder and only use the computer (or a phone) to route caller audio.

The downside to introducing a mixer into the setup? It seems to be a license to buy cables en masse. Everything needs a cable. πŸ˜‚

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) which I want to use as an input/output source in a recording setup.

I'm looking for an easy way to pan the audio output from an application onto the left output channel only.

Using Linux Mint 19.3 and standard Pulseaudio/ALSA setup. Is this a scenario that requires the use of JACK? I've never used it.

Any suggestions welcomed.

This is kind of scary. I was involved in an email-based committee meeting of a club I'm a member of.

One of the members always has emails from my self-hosted domain delivered to his Spam folder.

I created a Hotmail (outlook) account so I could deliver reliably to him for the meeting.

In setting-up a group I only needed to type at most two characters of their real name for the Outlook Web interface to complete their email address.

And, this was for addresses across AOL, BT, Gmail, Outlook etc

Linux character types: Would Sherlock Holmes have used Elementary OS? πŸ˜…

We have someone living nearby who is a bit of a car enthusiast.

He recently traded his Ford Mustang for a yellow Chevrolet Camaro.

Every time I go past it I find myself saying "Hello Bumblebee!". 😊

Lenovo to pilot selling ThinkPad with Fedora pre-installed. I could be tempted by that!

I'm a little curious why Creality, an established 3D Printer manufacturer, is choosing to develop its next printer (the CR-6 SE) through a Kickstarter campaign.

Are they unsure about achieving their design goals or has their development budget run out?

If this pandemic is under control by my birthday (September) I am going to have one hell of a party. 🀣

So, Flatpak allows you to have the latest applications on your system - except Flatpaks don't seem to be updated very often. 😊

Wife: Why are you watching 3D Printer videos?
Me: I'm doing research!
Wife: Which one have you bought?
Me: 🀣

She knows me so well.

How are you all coping with lockdown?

It places great demands on us all and I thought I'd ask just so you know I care.

Stay safe everyone and smile when you can. Best wishes to you all.

Received one of those "your password is..." Spams soliciting bitcoin to prevent him/her releasing video of me watching porn.

The tone of the email was very threatening and I admit to thinking "If you and I were alone in a room, I would take you apart piece by piece!".

The thing about 3D printing face shields is that, with it being a quantity process, you feel the need to reduce printing times.


Increasing bottom/top layer/outer shell printing speed from 50% to 75%, saving 30 minutes.

Assessing the effect of using/not using "Detect thin walls" in Slic3r and PrusaSlicer (they work in inverse fashion on those two), saving 15 minutes while increasing print quality immensely.

So far, my initial 3 hours and 30 minutes has reduced to 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Following some breakage on the GIMP PPA, I thought I would spend some time replacing many PPAs with Flatpaks.

Beginning to regret the decision already. I used 10GB of disk space in 6 applications. There's too much duplication in runtimes of various versions.

Also, there's a period of time where the system is put under heavy load after boot presumably for update checks. It makes use of the system painful.

Native packages are still preferred. AppImage, Flatpak and Snap are poor solutions.

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