You know you've settled on a distribution when you order one of those little “Powered by..." stickers for your laptop.

I was browsing around eBay for something and found one for Linux Mint with the new logo.

That's another emoticon for @kev to consider adding.

I am so happy. The political nonsense surrounding Brexit in the UK has prompted the imminent return of the satirical series "Spitting Image". I can't wait to see those rubber-headed figures lampooning our political elite.

Me: Uhm, Virginmedia you have a network outage in my area.

Virginmedia: A technician will be visiting you tomorrow to check your equipment.

Me: The equipment is fine, you have an issue on your network.

Virginmedia: We've put your technician visit on hold while we investigate a network issue that could be affecting you.

Me: No sh*t!


Best piece of advice I can give to anyone thinking of hosting a XMPP server like ejabberd is:

Host it standalone on a slow-moving OS (update-wise).

Mine is hosted on a FreeBSD VPS which runs under an Arch Linux QEMU/KVM host.

Both are fast-moving in terms of updates and reboots can be disconcerting for users.

With hindsight, I'd probably host it on bare-metal under Debian stable or investigate running a second instance in a cluster so that necessary updates don't incur downtime for my users.

Everytime I open I feel intimidated by its interface. So many controls and aspects. Qudos to those who have mastered it.

:android: :archlinux: :freebsd: :linuxmint:

I think that's enough diversity to manage. 😊

What is the situation with Java in ?

I see that LibreOffice 6.x on GNU/Linux ships with the firebird database engine as the default in preference to HSQLDB.

Is the situation the same on the Windows variant? Are there other elements of LibreOffice that require Java?

My motivation for this is to avoid installing a Java runtime on Windows 10 for my son if it's not required.

I've been trying to sort out IT for my son entering into his two year A-level studies here in the UK.

It appears that his school provide free use of Microsoft Office 365 applications online.

He's requested that I install @libreoffice on his new laptop but I think that there's an opportunity for someone to provide a curated LibreOffice Online to the UK education sector.

It seems almost mandatory for students to use Microsoft Office in the UK and something needs doing to address this imbalance.

My birthday, this year, coincides with the release of Avengers: Endgame on Blu-Ray.

How do I know this? My Amazon order status update told me. 😉

Just finished watching the Netflix series "Another Life". Well worth a look. I won't give any spoilers.

Can you believe this?

I went to my doctor's surgery to collect a prescription for medication and was told that I'm required to show photo-id before I could have it.

I informed the receptionist that I didn't have any photo-id on me and I had no medication left. If she refused to hand over my prescription then would she be prepared to accept the consequences of withholding my medication?

The prescription was handed over. I have arranged repeat prescriptions to be done via the chemist without id

Great job @libreoffice team. With LibreOffice-6.3.0 on Linux you can now select GPG keys and sign documents.

Thinking about audio recording interfaces.

They connect to a PC using a USB cable. The PC operating noise is often a problem and the USB connection length is limited.

Aside from the benefit of USB being able to supply power for the interface, wouldn't it make sense to use an ethernet connection? No such limitation on cable length, more bandwidth and you might be able to use power-over-ethernet.

Why isn't this done?

My first upgrade of Linux Mint 19.1 to 19.2 went without incident.

These point releases of Linux Mint don't fill me with the excitement and anticipation that I used to experience with fedora.

The end result is pleasing though. Sure it's mostly performance and resource usage improvements with a few feature enhancements. You are left feeling that your system is "improved" overall.

Found a big flaw with FreeBSD jails. Networking is implemented using interface aliasing which makes it a problem for services which listen on all interfaces. Oh well, bhyve it is then!

Am I thinking sensibly is seeing the emergence of RISC-V as a competitor for ARM? Will phone manufacturers adopt it?

Thinking about my next home server and migrating from a Linux KVM host with FreeBSD clients to a pure FreeBSD solution.

Should I go with bhyve clients or jails? The jail solution appeals for the possibility of making the base OS immutable.

I had the need to email members of a club I belong to. Many of them have a GMail account and my mail system is clever enough to create a multi-recipient submission to GMail. Unfortunately, GMail isn't clever enough to accept the email.

Digging deeper and sending the email by my GMail account, it works. So I look at GMail's Bulk Sending guidelines and they say "use the same IP for all submissions" and "authenticate your email“. I do both of those, correctly, and it doesn't work.

GMail sucks!

Blender 2.80 release will be within the next few days. I've only tinkered a little with the 2.7x series but the new version has lots of new features.

The gloss of VSCodium has worn off for me. I think it was the repetition of toolchains I already have on my system (installed by VSCodium and PlatformIO) that finally did it.

I've had vim-tiny installed forever but I added vim-gtk3 for just a little glitz and I'm enjoying the simplicity of editing without filesystem trees and a plethora of sidebar icons.

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