Monoliths appearing then disappearing and (maybe) showing up elsewhere.

It's all very 2001. I wonder what Arthur C. Clark new about this. 😳

Update: Looks like SpamCop have reinstated reports for EONIX.

The Spam appears, according to SpamCop, to be coming from (a VPS hosting provider) using their network.

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Am I the only one seeing SpamCop being less effective since Cisco took them over?

I've been receiving a lot of Spam originating from EONIX Corp., USA.

They have a reputation as supporting Spammers (even their reports aren't sent by SpamCop because they're not actioned) but they don't make it into the SpamCop blocklist.

Oh well, they're now my first /16 IP block on my mailserver. πŸ˜”

So here's me thinking of going all HTML and CSS only then I decide to take a look at static site generators.

Limiting myself to those built on python, I come across Nikola and it uses javascript. Rather than dismissing it, I give it a try.

Simple install into a venv using pip and a demo site is running in no time at all.

A blog with archive, image galleries, tags and an RSS feed without any effort from me.

I think I could get to like this. RIP Joomla, I don't need you anymore. 😳

Are you folks running minimalist websites doing it without javascript?

I've had a NGiNX/PHP webserver for a long time that's been little used.

For my next incarnation I'm going with Lighttpd only and considering just HTML and CSS.

I've had a tinker with Bulma for the CSS and quite like it. I haven't explored any static site generator option yet not knowing if I really need it.

Is life without javascript practical? I did a bit of jQuery some years ago but I don't really want to - 1/2

I've been running a home server for nearly 20 years now.

It's been through several hardware iterations but most of them have been as Mini-ITX format and I've always kept spare drives etc.

My next iteration could be an Odroid HC1 and it occurred to me, in terms of spares, it's cheap enough to have a spare server.

An HC1, a 2.5 inch SSD drive, a USB ethernet adaptor and a wired RTC battery are all that's needed.

Hardkernel, please don't obsolete this hardware any time soon. 😊

This pandemic is getting to me.

I found myself sorting entries in /etc/passwd and /etc/group (and their shadows).

How over-the-top is that? pacman updates won't be pretty. πŸ™„

The BBC is moving into the RISC-V space with its board and supporting material for beginning programmers.

The UK will be banning the sale of carbon-fuelled cars from 2030.

Does this mean our police forces will have to budget to replace their pursuit cars with Tesla models?

Someone is going to make a bundle out of this transition.

Very odd situation. Just updated my working NGiNX+PHP-FPM setup from PHP-7.2 to PHP-7.4 and things broke.

On my Joomla installation only basic HTML elements work. Buttons and menus are broken.

On my Cypht Webmail I can login but rendering is broken. No information is output.

I have a hunch that it's something to do with Javascript interaction but I'm no expert on these things.

This is the first time I've had a PHP upgrade break on me. All extensions look intact and there's no - 1/2

Does your best work come about as the result of struggling with it?

I'm asking for my ARM-based server build. I can visualise the result in my mind but the journey there is bumpy.

I think I recall a similar situation with the previous build but that was 9 years ago.

Rather sad that my son had to spend his 18th birthday alone with us yesterday (I know he could have invited three friends but he didn't want to do that).

Why? He said "I'm back at school tomorrow and I can mix with my whole year group!".

Yes folks, we really have this social mixing thing nailed here in the UK. πŸ˜”

Chromium is available in the repositories. Certainly available for Linux Mint 20 but maybe earlier releases too.

I'm being a bit more aggressive with Spam blocking lately with CIDR netblocks being applied at the mail servers.

I had some Spam come from Microsoft's and Oracle's directly allocated IP ranges yesterday.

It was reported to SpamCop (as I always do) but I have a real urge to apply those blocks. πŸ˜‚

It's interesting to see that SiFive is putting efforts first into the PC development arena.

I was thinking that the mobile phone market would be an easier starting place.

Wouldn't it be sensible to produce an alternative for ARM instead of taking on the likes of AMD and Intel?

Anyone using in production on a VM/VPS?

I've just upgraded mine to 12.2 and am seeing significantly more free RAM (645MB vs 130MB previously).

I'm trying to discern if this is improvements in FreeBSD or if it's the result of kernel 5.9.x on the Archlinux QEMU/KVM host. πŸ€”

Remote mail relay and package builder for it have been updated to 12.2 without issues.

Staging and production server are next to be done today.

This feels like an incremental update. Nothing major besides the clang/llvm toolchain being updated from 8.0.1 to 10.0.0.

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