"I'm going to get some mixing done today"

> spends 4 hours trying to fix jitsi

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@koreymoffett I believe there are ways to help educate people how to hate less and love more. Social and political systems have a large influence on individuals' behaviour, so if we can cultivate a better society then we will reduce the number of hateful people.

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@koreymoffett They're on a decline but there's still a lot of work to do.

@Krypton @fatboy These examples only represent educated white people of a certain class. Additionaly, Mr. MacDonald is surely of Scottish hertiage and Bernard Shaw is Irish.

Language and accents are continually shifting in every language all over the world. This is natural and very hard to pin down to a single moment.

I'm no linguist, so I can't speak on a deeper level. I can highly recommend the podcast "Lexicon Valley" if you want some good content on linguistics--by actual professionals.

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@koreymoffett I agree that people should not misuse words but it's also alarming how prominent racists, nazis, and fascists are in the world today.

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I think I need to find a Peertube instance that will allow me to upload and not take several weeks to decide if I can. I get it's a pandemic and folks are busy. But it would be nice to share some videos and not just post them on YouTube. If nothing else it would be nice to get to grips with video uploading to a Peertube instance before I start helping to produce video documentation and walk-through for my other project.

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We are back with yet another episode of Unpopular Stream. Join us tonight (8 May 22:00 UTC) for another night walk in a different set of shoes, among a different crowd with different hopes and dreams. I will bring the music!


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FRIDAY 07/SAT 08 May

join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary ! of the control.org album "manipulate". LIVE broadcast listening party, chat, video and guests.

I've uncovered period ancient tour backing videos and performance clips.

free on our #owncast

20.00 US EST FRI, 00.00 UTC SAT, 12.00 SATURDAY 8th NZ

chat about the track origins, sounds, new projects, war stories, your cats...

#live #fediplay #np #mastoart #mastomusic #industrial #synth #ebm #electro #event

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@amolith @kev @mike This post in particular is not showing up for me at all on Fosstodon side, but I see it on the nixnet instance; and oddly enough, the replies to this post *are* showing up here... I think there's something particular about this post. I'd be happy to file an issue somewhere with this example, but not sure where the right place is.

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Only two more hours until our music-filled #BandcampFriday live stream with our first ever super special guest. We want your company!

You can always find us at https://live.w0rmh0le.net
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on a totally different note (haha) I also strongly recommend @eclectic's work on this #BandcampFriday, especially eclecticmedia.bandcamp.com/alb

really beautiful and spacious sounds that make me wanna /move/

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I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

@kylebronsdon @gabek Thinking about it more, I think I'm more naive to things that negatively affect others while having less of an affect on me.

Like how everything Gabe is describing hasn't been a problem for me--that doesn't make his problems invalid, it just means I'm not aware of them.

We should have a live chat about this some time. I think it's interesting and important, and I think highly of both of your opinions.

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4 hours until 20 years of manipulation live stream listening party to celebrate the album Manipulate and #BandcampFriday

0000 UTC Saturday / 2000 EDT Friday

I've uncovered some visual gems from the period and have some great war stories ready. I hear some of the old live crew will be in chat. Let's stomp.

join us then on our #owncast stream


#mastomusic #mastoart #np #fediplay #industrial #ebm #synthpop #electro​

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We're gearing up for a special #BandcampFriday stream tonight... More details to come soon!

#live #stream #livestream #music

@gabek @kylebronsdon I definitely don't put that much effort into it haha. If anything, if someone wants me to buy their music on Bandcamp Friday then they better have released it plenty ahead of time, because I build up my wishlist ahead of time. This method of building up a wishlist in my own time, then making the purchases on Friday has been stress free for me.

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