I stuck around after everyone left, and put some decorations up in the top communal bunk. You know, just to make it feel cozy 🙃

Video game screenshot 

Okay, I gave in and started playing Elite Dangerous. Here's a shot of me fuel scooping around the Sun in the WARNINOHAN A system.

My first export! Just a little something my wife and I whipped up together before dinner today. 🎵

Alright. Since 45% of 177 people say they use dark themes for a11y, readability, or eye-strain I'm going to give dark themes another go.

I have been using a light theme for a few months now. I'll see if I notice anything different switching back.

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I started reading the advance pdf that came with the book while waiting for the delivery. I did not expect such a THICC book. This thing is like 600 pages, and the font is small!

No turning back now, I'm commited.

Also, the smell of a fresh book <3



pushing random keys in org-mode agenda and I end up computing the phases of the moon.

Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society. We Are Not Prepared.

In the months and years ahead, deepfakes threaten to grow from an Internet oddity to a widely destructive political and social force.



Screenshots of my system memory usage before and after opening Firefox with a single tab to post this toot.

In the middle of work today with a few dozen Emacs buffers and eight urxvt terminal buffers (some through tmux, some standalone).

Emacs runs as a daemon. I always keep an htop window and Emacs' proced window open. I'm connected to slack in the terminal. And, I have about half a dozen IRC channels and a Mastodon timeline open in Emacs. Vanilla i3 for my WM.

Idk, just felt like sharing.

I've been waiting for a year to put this back out into the internet.

If anyone can help me figure out why this hot pink is in my terminal and how to get rid of it I will give you much respect.

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Me mad-tooting at a Windows PC 

1. White text on a bright pink background is hideous
2. Stop interrupting me
3. Please respect my preferences to skip updates
4. Does anyone check it for quality check it?
5. I only use you for videogames, stop trying to act like a real OS


Can anyone identify this resistor? Bonus points if you can direct me where to purchase one.

Strongly worded opinions about meat 

Unfortunate: Had to pay an extra $0.37 for hot sauce at lunch, but running the card required a $1 minimum

Fortunate: The restaurant had awesome stickers for sale, like this one

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