Hey, are you a , , , or generally involved in free, open-source software? I'm looking for some input on how to attract good and designers to volunteer positions for free software projects. Articles, anecdotes, audio-visual presentations; I'll take any help, advice, or direction you can share with me.


@nebunez Oh I'm low key volunteering for usability consulting for open source projects. Because it's a culture shift.

Do you wanna talk? I'm a senior ui designer for scientific publishing and verses enough on the struggle of enforcing usability on Foss/volunteer projects.



@nonlinear Thank you for reaching out, I'm tagging @gabek@mastodon.social here, he leads the Owncast project and will be the point of contact.

@nebunez @gabek For sure. I'm more than happy to provide usability/design consultation, pro Bono, for Foss projects. It's a chock of cultures and we gotta find ways to adapt.

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