Hey, are you a , , , or generally involved in free, open-source software? I'm looking for some input on how to attract good and designers to volunteer positions for free software projects. Articles, anecdotes, audio-visual presentations; I'll take any help, advice, or direction you can share with me.


Here's the rub:

(if you haven't heard) is an awesome, yet still young and growing, live streaming alternative to Twitch/Youtube/etc. There is a small but mighty community regularly using Owncast to stream a variety of content, and development is marching on ( is otw! :ablobcatbongo: )

However, the project is in need of design help. That's why I'm forwarding the call for designers.


So, if you are a designer, know a designer, or have some advice to share on successful design in a free software project, then please share some info in this thread. Or, even better, reach out to me or @gabek directly if that works for you.

Personally, I love this project and want to see it succeed. But, as we all know, user experience is the most important part of a successful project. So let's make this happen!


@nebunez @gabek does need some design improvement for it to compete with youtube or twitch.

@nebunez The only thing I know: Know a designer, implement what they draft, friendship.

@nebunez my advice: don't look for volunteers and compensate people for their design work as you would compensate source code developers. If an open source project is established and in good shape you can't magically attract volunteer designers that will improve it. Same goes for documentation writers.

This is good advice, overall. However, in my experience, open source projects have less of a problem attracting volunteer source code developers than design positions and I wonder why that is. Kind of a separate topic...

@nebunez Oh I'm low key volunteering for usability consulting for open source projects. Because it's a culture shift.

Do you wanna talk? I'm a senior ui designer for scientific publishing and verses enough on the struggle of enforcing usability on Foss/volunteer projects.

@nonlinear Thank you for reaching out, I'm tagging @gabek here, he leads the Owncast project and will be the point of contact.

@nebunez @gabek For sure. I'm more than happy to provide usability/design consultation, pro Bono, for Foss projects. It's a chock of cultures and we gotta find ways to adapt.

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