I dumped Pulse/Jack and installed Pipewire (via manjaro-pipewire package). Now, how do I do anything? Pipewire tools is a blank page docs.pipewire.org/page_tools.h


Weird, but pipewire seems to rely on pulseaudio management apps (pamixer, pavucontrol, etc.) to manage it. But it's pipewire running behind it all..

@nebunez You can also use JACK tools such as Carla and QJackCtl.

@be So, Jack and Pulseaudio should be gone completely, but not their tools?

@nebunez Yes. The tools of both PulseAudio and JACK work together with PipeWire.

@be hmm. I just noticed that jack2 actually didn't get removed and when I try to remove it there's a million dependencies to get removed with it (Firefox, Mumble, etc.). Probably a Manjaro-specific problem, but I think it's blocking things from working properly...

At least pulseaudio is removed now? 🤷

@be Honestly, I think installing pipewire some months ago is what caused my audio interface to stop working. Do you know if pipewire supports multi input/output interfaces? Right now it's not even showing up as a device.

@nebunez Yes PipeWire supports multichannel audio interfaces. You might need to switch it to the Pro Audio profile in the Configuration tab of pavucontrol to get all the channels to be usable.

@nebunez Did you install the pipewire-jack package? I think it should conflict with the JACK2 package. At least that is how Fedora packages it.

@be I did, they are both installed. I don't see any conflicts

@be Also, the device doesn't show up at all in configuration, so I can't select the Pro Audio profile.

Well, my audio interface doesn't work with Pulse/Jack or Pipewire, so something is completely botched and I'm going to have to find time for a fresh install :blobcatsadlife:

@nebunez I don't know what went wrong, but PipeWire Just Works with a fresh Fedora 34 installation.

@be This is a fairly recent fresh install of Manjaro, too. Not sure what happened either, but I think I'll attempt to reinstall with wayland and pipewire by default this time.

@nebunez designed to work with pavucontrol apparently - but pipewire is broken on debian 11 afaik. need to wait till newer versions hit backports.

@nebunez it doesn't rely on them, they just happen to work because Pipewire implements the PulseAudio and JACK APIs.

And why not use them until there are proper new GUI tools.

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