I took the day off today, since I take May Day as a holiday. I've spent my morning trying to set up a proper XMPP server and web client /again/. This is the Nth try and I'm just so tired of trying to make it work. I obviously don't know what I'm doing and despite reading the docs, tutorials, etc. I just don't get it.


This is really demoralizing because I haven't come across a self-hosted solution I couldn't eventually solve, but I think I'm going to have to throw in the towel and just use something else... Matrix, Movim, something else..?

I really wanted another service I could add to w0rmh0le and keep it self-hosted, but I guess I've met my match.


@nebunez Hi! Sorry you are having so much trouble with it. Where are you getting stuck with? I can share my prosody config file if that helps.

@thumb File uploads are giving a 405 error and I can't get conversejs to work

@thumb I'm not opposed to getting help one more time, but I don't want to drag on too much. (several people have tried to help me before and I honestly just feel bad for taking up their time)

@nebunez Ok. I just checked conversejs on my end. It works. Let me check the file upload quick and see what configuration I have.

@nebunez File upload doesn't work on my end. Checking on it. For conversejs, all I ever did was to enable bosh under HTTP modules and keep the ports 5222, 5269, 5280 and 5281 open.

@nebunez Can I see your config file? And are you trying to get it to work with Jitsi?

@thumb I have a jitsi install which is the initial prosody install, so yes.
I'll DM you a copy of the config files shortly.

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