@finlaydag33k ah...well that's a shame if they take it. Thanks for the info!

@Revertron @nebunez Пока лишь просочившиеся в прессу планы.

@nebunez the best time to write a new chat software is now?

They had the same meme with github at the time.

@nebunez ooh, that's gonna mess up the fashy teens and their fashy memes on the game chats

@nebunez I don't mind if they kill discord. It's just a proprietary anti privacy platform. But I hate Microsoft due to how they kill their competitors

@georgia @nebunez If they finally buy Discord (they are at it), it will most likely die.

Not fully die, many companies will still use it as a "formal" platform for communication, but... it will be just that.

@georgia@netzsphaere.xyz @nebunez@fosstodon.org Pretty much the second discord started existing. The only people I know who use skype now is old people and for business

@Weeble @nebunez i remember telling my mom not to use skype when microsoft bought em and the privacy stuff leaked

- Now we just want them to grow towards becoming a better tool for explo... i mean communicating for the all the users!

@nebunez They can kill it like everything else they buy. I'm fine with not seeing messages saying I can't use the client because there's an update.

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