I'm seeing a lot of related posts recently, and the project is honestly amazing!

The only missing part is the discovery aspect; i.e. how to find new owncast streams. The distributed nature of the platform seems to make that inherently difficult.

Is anyone maintaining a list of owncloud streamers? I'd love to tune into streams, but not sure how to find them 🤔

If no lists exist, maybe we should start a list? Assuming streamers consent to being on that list of course.

@nebunez Oh that's awesome! I couldn't find any mention of this in the docs. Thank you!

@reykjalin There is some slight mention of it in regards to adding your stream to the directory (The `yp` field in config.yaml), but that's about it.

@nebunez Ah, that makes sense. I didn't really go digging for that information 🤔

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