Follow is live!
And we are on Freenode at
Forums and mailing list are next.

The site has links to the src code and the manifesto.
This is where we begin!
Please read, share, and consider contributing.

If you are reading this and you are one that I told I would DM you when the site and IRC launched, I didn't forget you - I'm going to follow up tomorrow. It's late and I'm tired!

Thank you to @jbauer and @deejoe for sharing your eyes and helping proofread the copy.

@nebunez @jbauer @deejoe very interesting project! I'm not totally comprehending what this will ultimately do (mostly apprenticeship and networking? from manifesto) but I appreciate the effort, the problem is very real. I'm especially interested in the immoral and unethical side of it: we develop software for the greater good, it IS a sort of superpower in these times. Yet so many aim to become the new Facebook (philosophy-wise) :/

What's written so far is only the tip of the iceberg, and not fully defined yet. That's why I have the manifesto as an open document--I don't have all the questions nor all the answers. At this stage the point is to get people talking and contributing ideas as to what we want/need.

One big thing for me that I mention in the manifesto several times is unionizing. It had no place in the introduction, but that is one of my goals with this project.
@jbauer @deejoe

@nebunez a noble pursuit! How do you envision this short term, mostly having conversations with all to define the problem and their potential solutions? I'm in. @jbauer @deejoe

Yes, that's pretty much the idea. In addition to discussion re: the manifesto and big ideas, I'd also like to see the IRC and upcoming forums start being used for helping each other with problems and projects; and establishing the roots of mentor/mentee/apprenticeship relationships. e.g.; personally, I'm trying to write my first mathematical proof and will be looking for someone to sit down and help fill in the gaps in my knowledge.
@jbauer @deejoe

@nebunez @jbauer @deejoe I like what you're trying to do. Just a small thing that came to mind while reading your page from a "self-taught" perspective is that you may inadvertently alienate talented/people with potential with the remark about "declining skill requirements". From my perspective I see an increase in training and accessibility to the industry that's been gated by a very flawed/corporate educational system. Just my 2 cents

I'd love to talk about this more and discuss changes/additions to the manifesto, or you can contribute to the manifesto directly. Conversation is encouraged and will be essential in putting together a document like this is something that requires many perspectives. And I certainly don't want to alienate anyone!
@jbauer @deejoe

@nebunez @jbauer @deejoe I believe you, and have bookmarked the project. A community that helps improve software and developer skills is a great idea :)


I had similar thoughts but figured so long as @nebunez
is open to critiques it could be hashed out here.


No, this is something I'm looking to the community to help decide on.

I really like the way flarum looks and I can see why you'd recommend it but I'd ideally like something that doesn't require client side JS (JS for enhancement is fine). I want to make sure the forum is accessible for Everyone and there are still people in certain parts of the world that have limited resources; and also people like me who just prefer to use HTML-only browsers.

@nebunez Hm, I'd forgotten how heavily Flarum relies on JS. In that case, Discourse might be the better option. There's also phpBB which I quite like for its minimalism but I know a lot of people would dislike it for the same reason.

@amolith @nebunez
I'd pick FluxBB which is even simpler than phpbb or tbh if I really had a free choice I'd setup an NNTP server ;)

@chipmonk @amolith FluxBB is looking like my top choice right now.. I'm going to compile a list and open it up to voting, but personally this is checking all the boxes for me.

@nebunez Almost didn't look because this was boosted onto my timeline without context, and there's no tl;dr in the toot.

Hmm, I hear you. I ran out of character limit on this one but am hoping the content itself would tell the story. Thanks for taking the time to look.

@nebunez @jbauer @deejoe v interesting. So are you envisioning a code of ethics for developers? It makes me think of all the MSFT, AMZN and GOOG devs who have rebelled against their companies’ practices. And would you protect programmers with a code of working conditions? What do you anticipate your governance structure looking like?

@danny @jbauer @deejoe Something like a code of ethics, but I really want to develop a system/organization that protects developers. We have a lot of questions to answer and that's why the documents are public and open for contributions.
Right now I'm just trying to get the ball rolling and set things up so that people with the relevant knowledge and experience in the different necessary fields can come together and make this happen.
And to let everyone's voice be heard in the process.

@danny @nebunez @jbauer

I'm going to mute this thread for a little bit at least. I'm not opposed to this and was happy to do some basic proofreading to help a little but I'm not deeply into kicking this around right now. Feel free to drop me from mentions especially if toots are public anyway. Thanks.

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