Hey fediverse!

I'm looking for some motivated computer programmers to learn and collaborate with.

I am the sole developer at my job, and the (mostly) sole developer for all of my side projects; and to be frank, I've been lonely.

My goals are to further study mathematics and computer programming fundamentals in order to become a true professional and not just some "guy who makes webapps". I want to contribute meaningfully to my field and the world.

Feel free to boost, dm, and share links.

@nebunez Thanks to timezones I doubt I can work with you live much. But I might have some readings and projects you might be interested in?

I've written a lot about how GNOME/GNU/Linux systems work at

And in my projects I like to:
* Not rely on specific services to find pages
* Simplify datamodels for more energy efficiency & implementation ease
* Promote a radically more secure/private & accessible Web

Your interests?

@alcinnz Thanks for the link, I'll definitely have a look.

My main interests right now are improving my mathematics understanding (in a programming/engineering context), improving my computer programming fundimentals (algorithms, design, etc.).

I'm also interested in a better web, decentralization, privacy, activity pub, and those points you've mentioned.

Currently I am designing a (FOSS) self-hosted file hosting web app - minimalist design, super fast, super light, zero client-side JS.

@nebunez Feel free to ask me any questions along those (algorithms, design, some maths, etc) lines! I can give you my email if you want, and I should get back to you within a day.

@alcinnz That would be excellent, thank you!

I skimmed your link and I _love_ your format. I'm going to try to incorporate these into my regular reads.

@alcinnz @nebunez can we have a group (of any form, email o rnot) where we can ask these questions to each when we are available to?

@nebunez @alcinnz I'm also quite interested in web decentralization right now

@alcinnz @tomosaigon besides having to start new project for decentralized web, we can contribute to existing project if we have required skills and time :-)

we can make/find list of existing projects.

@EdwardTorvalds @tomosaigon Sounds like a great idea!

Should I set up a mailing list on SourceHut? Or would someone else like to something else up?

@alcinnz should do. We can create subreddit for our discussions too

@nebunez @alcinnz I've been programming professionally for years, but never studied CS, and I'd like to fill in my maths/algorithms/theory knowledge. I fancy some audio dev, and that looks like a lot of maths.

@y6nH @nebunez I understand the *basics* of audio dev & it's unique performance requirements, but not enough to actually do anything with.

For my "Rhapsode" auditory web browser I rely on other projects to do that bit.

Here's my writings on the subject:

Happy to help however I can!

@nebunez @alcinnz Privacy, huh? I love that too. I'm actually working on a project that aims to restore the open web too, fittingly named ReverseEagle.

Removing Google's spyware from FOSS code brings us one step closer to freedom on the internet.

(Shameless plug here: #ReverseEagle

@nebunez Well I see from your flair that you like Debian and Emacs, as do I!

If you want to try something that might feel meaningful you could try Debian packaging! Its a good way to learn about a lot of different software. If you are interested I can point you in the right direction as I started that journey a few months ago

@fc Thank you for the offer! I will keep it in mind but, while I have considered it, packaging is not on my short list right now.

@nebunez Totally understand! It isnt the most fun thing in the world and it is a thankless job.

I recently got involved to try to help out with packaging software useful for medical professionals to help fight covid.

My current task involves me being knee deep in JS dependencies, and I'm currently stuck on resolving a circular dependency...

In summary, good call :D

@fc Thankless but so important. So let me say thank you :)

@nebunez Arbor could always use some help if you have any interest in Go. We have bi-weekly meetings on BigBlueButton and Chris is great to work with

@amolith hmm this is interesting, I'll have to give it a think. If anything I may want to contribute to a second client and/or general discussion. Good reccomendation, thanks!

@nebunez I know you're looking for programming/development stuff but there's also documentation. I'm in the process of writing some rules for Vale to ensure consistent style/branding across the docs

@amolith I really should give more consideration to documentation as a form of learning.

@nebunez Do you mean writing or reading documentation? Or both?

@amolith I meant writing documentation. I do read the heck out of some docs.

@nebunez Hm I hadn't really thought of writing docs as a way to learn either; I'm simply trying to improve my technical writing for future employment and my own stuff at I'm confident with writing prose but, until recently, I had never done any documentation.

@nebunez what do you mean by a true professional? I think you already are one, not many people can make webapps. You're already a professional, you just haven't realized it yet.

Definitely continue to grow and explore new skills, but be confident in yourself because you're already valuable. People will make you feel otherwise throughout your career, but if you're already working with them, they need you, therefore you're valuable.

I can chat more if you're interested.

@tychi Yeah... I realize that's kind of a loaded statement there.
I am really using a personal meaning for 'true professional' to try to convey what I aspire to be.
When I started my programming journey I really wanted to be a systems programmer. I was interested in C/C++ and fascinated by low level operations and how computers work at the bare metal.
Then I went to state college for programming, took the first job offer (which I still love) and slipped further away from my original goals.


@tychi Now, 5 years into this job, which also defines my career, I am reevaluating myself and determining what my goals are for the next 5 years.
I have no intention of leaving my current job; we do wonderful work in neurological disease research, I work with and for amazing people, I get to science the heck out of things, and I even get to _sometimes_ write some CUDA code for our simulation platform.

I just want to be better at everything I do, even if it's just webapps.


@tychi I hope that explains where I'm coming from. And your words are great and valid, thank you for sharing them. I will keep that in mind as I focus on my growth and be sure to not get down on myself.


@nebunez whoa, that's awesome! I've always wondered what it'd be like to work with scientists.

I've been a web dev for ten years, I've done sole web designer, medium team, small team, enterprise team sizes.

Mostly user experience work, specializing in CSS, but I've done full stack with Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Node.

I've always wondered about going from there down to bare metal. I'm down to figure out what a learning collaboration could look like, we might be able to help each other?

@tychi if you are interested in bare metal programming there are few options for you: C, Assembly programming (you can program microcontrollers and use them for home-automation), write/contribute to device drivers, play around with OS kernel (plan9, Linux, freeBSD)

my advice would be research about these and just try :-)

@nebunez @tychi there is an existing community for you already, called Research Software Engineers.

@alex Thanks for sharing! I really haven't looked at Pleroma yet, but I should. I'll bookmark your link and have look later.

@nebunez im not really motivatied, so i dont know if i can help you there...but have you heard of mit opencourseware? they have video lectures on youtube (older ones on

it has been a while for me, but their computer science lectures are great. from what you said, maybe you want to start with intro to algorithms.

@sowth Yes I have seen some of these but thank you for reminding me; I had forgotten about this resource.

@nebunez right now I am studying Data structure and algorithms :-)

@nebunez Hey there! I am willing to collaborate with something.

I have been doing the same thing, moving from JS and such to more theory, logic, and general computer science.

Do you have any interesting projects somewhere?

I do have a couple things up my sleeve as a result of the interactions from this post. I'll get back to you soon.

Thinking about developing a midi controllable audio mixer similar to the 4mix of #syntherjack. Likely basing it on the Teensy board. Have only little experience developing electronic circuits, but I think adapting Sytherjacks design should not be hard.
If you are interested in a audio open hardware project, drop me a line.
No worries if not. Whishing you the best of luck finding some coding homies.

This sounds very interesting and appeals to my musical background. I'd love to learn more about what it would take to get done. I haven't the first idea about requirements for a project like this.

@nebunez well, I just paid special attention to this line ": I want to contribute meaningfully to my field and the world." And maybe you can think about your field and just ask some questions like: Whats is missing?, what do you can improve there?.

And about learning, maybe you can take a look yo stuff like design patterns, apply SOLID principes, learn some of mvp, mvvm, etc.



Find that language, that comunity, that framework, that of couple of thing that make you happy to apply to your field. Doing this, you already will be made a good contribution to the world, because your field will be improved with you work.


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