I'm drinking hibiscus tea and working in a local cafe. Where is your favorite location to work?

@nebunez probably a controversial one this, but my favourite place to work is the office. We always have a great laugh and when something pops, we all pull together.

I really like working with other people, but I don't get the chance as often at work. The best is when we do weekend Hackathons, about once a year. Otherwise I only work with one other full-time programmer and she's been interning for just 5 months. She's great though and I hope we can afford to keep her.

@nebunez coffee and tea shops are always lovely. I like a little bit of clanking and chatter with a nice drink, so I'm right there with you.

@nebunez I live in a small mountain town, with this tiny lil two-story coffee shop in what was an old apt building. The entry-floor is where you order and where most people are, then the second floor just feels like your best friends' apartment, cool art, public book shelves, couches and chairs everywhere. I've been learning clojure sitting by an open window on the second floor watching the view and customers come and go from the floor below me and it's 👌

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