I want to make the switch away from to either or .
Any tips/advice for speeding up the process and making a smooth transition?
Also, opinions between the two alternatives, or another alternative I'm unaware of?

@nebunez I didn't know about tutanota. I'm a happy ProtonMail user.

I remember 2 years ago I was so frustrated of the available mail providers. Either it's free and well known (gmail, microsoft, yahoo and what not) but then you become a GAFA product, or you have to go for some unkown underground provider that you don't know you can trust, or you have to pay, and even then you can't be sure what they do with your data.

It was such a relief finding protonmail.

@Naughtylus @nebunez TAKE A LOOK ABOUT PROTONMAIL'S DATA MINING, I saw an article on internet few months ago...

I've read the article and it's very detailed in their investigation. But I starting suspecting the website more than their claims. Starting with saying they are the only ones with the proof. Then I saw their home page and notice that they critiqued every mainstream vpn. So which is more likely, only they are right or the rest of the world is right? And no other press have confirm their findings.
@Naughtylus @nebunez


@sproid @Phreaker @Naughtylus Yeah, after taking the time to read through, I'm going to give Proton benefit of the doubt until I hear more.

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