Ah, FAMILY DOLLAR. Where you can get a RIBEYE STEAK FOR $1. 🤢

I took a break from my gaming addiction today to drink booze and watch a great live jazz band. Afterwards, at home, I continued to fight the urge by playing guitar for over an hour. Then, just when I was ready to give in, a friend hit me up for a little code mentorship which turned into a 3 hour session. I learned a thing or two from him too!

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So uh, does anyone know any pentesters / ethical hackers who don't charge €1200 a day with a minimum of 3 days to test your security?

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Listener Yannick, co-host of Star Trek fan podcast "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" created this Linux For Everyone combadge, and I love it so much it gave me chills.

It's DEFINITELY the new avatar, and I'm going to look into mass-printing these suckers!

(By the way, I'll be guest-hosting their next episode)

and I get "Fatal Error - timeout waiting for threadpool tasks".

is really letting me down today and I'm as close to getting shit from my coworkers about it as it gets(they're fairly understanding to my preferences). Google Sheets isn't working great, but it's at least delivering a result; while calc delivers nothing at 400% cpu usage..

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To Fediverse users who use screen readers: do you prefer people to integrate #hashtags inside the text, or....
do you prefer when they repeat the word by listing all the hashtags at the end, after the text?
Please boost.

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Just re-upping this offer: because being comfortable with git is a barrier to entry to many FS/OSS projects, and because I care deeply about lowering those barriers, I will tutor anyone who asks for help with git, and/or connect them with any mentor(s) they might prefer.

I'll do this while I put energy and work into making the tool more approachable, and into making better tools and learning paths.

Boosts gratefully appreciated.


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A really good article on CSS Media Queries was just posted on MDN. I may be redesigning some of my websites to follow a few of their tips :thonking:


#CSS #MediaQueries #MDN #Mozilla #WebDevelopment #WebDev

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I’m liking how people are starting to put the emoji for the district they’re using in their name.

I’m currently using Pop!_OS so have added :popos: to my name. Feel free to add your distros logo to your name so we all know what others are using.

If we don’t have your distro, please let us know and we will add it for you.

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So the old WPF app isn't cutting it anymore to change the availability calendar on one of my websites (I know, no, databases weren't a good option). Looking for an alternative to rewrite it for Linux natively and preferably an easy way to port it to Android.

Is Qt the best option here?

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RT @DanielMiessler@twitter.com
Finally finished a piece I've been wanting to write for years!

It's a capture of the key skills that security managers are constantly asking their people to do, and therefore the skills that new applicants need to be ready to do on Day 1.

danielmiessler.com/blog/day-1- #infosec #jobs

Battle Angel: Alita was not as bad as I thought it would be. Kept pretty true to the source material; despite the extra "spice", as some would put it.

I was thinking so intensly about bitfields in the shower this morning that I think I washed my hair with bodywash.

sleazy bands 

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A question about Gnome.

Hide titlebars when maximized or per window setting, possible?

Sigh, I made a rookie mistake when ordering my fiancee's new PC parts this past week. The mobo we got was the right socket type, but the chipset (X370) couldn't support 3rd gen Ryzen processors without a bios update. We just finised the return processing and our new X570 mobo will arrive Tuesday. Luckily she still has a PC to use in the meantime.

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Hi, Fosstodon! This is my first toot ❤️ I'm glad to be here.

I remember trying out Mastodon a while ago (I don't remember which instance exactly), but I didn't really get to post much and I never quite understood how the system worked. This time I'm willing to put more effort into it.

Fosstodon seems really promising. I'm also craving more meaningful and respectful interaction that the one Twitter offers...

So far I'm really loving the higher character limit for posts. 😍 Yessss.

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