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I learned to use the rename script that comes with a base install today! It's been interesting to see how many little command line tools are in the base system.

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My neighbors wanted to throw away a Desktop PC in perfect condition, a Packard Bell iMedia S1800 with Windows 10. Their daughter complained it was too slow. I installed MATE giving the PC a new life and didn’t let it become .

If you want to read more:

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There were no motels so you spent the night at a rest stop. It was a night of fitful dreams and you swear someone called your name, out there in the forest.

And you wonder how it is that three days later, you’re still able to pick up this station.

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r/elementaryos is picking up with people who are having issues with Juno installs. I don't use elementary, but if you do and are on Reddit I would recommend trying to help people out with your distro!

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After months of hard work by our operations and marketing teams - we have an awesome new website! Check us out at - You can still pre-order our Librem 5 phones see for our latest update on our phones. #BePure

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A couple of friends of mine have recently been experimenting with mentioning CALLIGRAPHY PENS a lot around their laptops with browsers open on Facebook.

They don't talk about this otherwise, in any form or medium. Sure enough, they're getting calligraphy related FB adverts now.

There's no way big ad-based companies aren't helping themselves to data from your mic. Your phone and laptop are listening devices. For most of us, this will never have serious ramifications, but still, act accordingly.

I've had Manjaro i3 for 2 years on my personal machine because I couldn't get Arch working from scratch. I'm realizing now that I don't know my Manjaro machine as well as my Debian machine because so much was pre-installed/config'd. So I wonder if the problems I have on my Manjaro machine are best solved by tinkering with the current install, try Arch from scratch again, or go full Debian?


Pre-slumber log:

I recently installed Debian (prev Xubuntu) on my work laptop, completely minimal install, added xorg and i3 on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of installing/config'ing everything I need/want one pkg at a time and sticking to minimal dependencies. I learned a lot and I feel like I really know my system and where everything is.


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As promised, version 1.0 of #PeerTube, a free and federated video platform, has just been released.

Thanks to all the people who supported this summer's crowdfunding.

This is only the beginning! #JoinPeerTube (article in English to come)

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Purism has an update on their progress with the Librem 5. If you're considering getting one, new information for you!

"Librem 5 general development report — October 15th, 2018 – Purism"

Surprising (to me) - I just did a --dry-run install of both meld and kdiff3, and meld has significantly less dependencies. ~19 vs. ~50

What difftool do you use? I use kdiff3 but am interested in alternatives. Maybe something with a nice TUI?

KDE e.V. receives a sizeable donation from Handshake Foundation

"We are excited to announce that the KDE e.V. received a donation of 300,000 USD from the Handshake Foundation..."

Getting ready to buff my webapp auth at work. We'd been using Basic Auth since the beginning, but I want to move to something more secure without being overkill.
The app is only used by our internal team, and my boss would be fine with us using basic auth forever, but I want to learn how to do something more secure for my own learning purposes.
I think I'm going to use JSON Web Tokens.

Oh, Sunday. I get this one day of the week to work on personal projects and system configs. It is not enough...

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Love Leonard Cohen and own a bunch of his albums. Apparently I need to also own his poetry. Outstanding.

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My kids' high school computer education is non-existent.

Any recommendations for teaching compsci to 11 - 14yr olds? Websites, books, games, etc...

Thanks for the input, everyone. I've been too busy to continue research, but these responses have given me points to consider.

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