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A question about Gnome.

Hide titlebars when maximized or per window setting, possible?

Sigh, I made a rookie mistake when ordering my fiancee's new PC parts this past week. The mobo we got was the right socket type, but the chipset (X370) couldn't support 3rd gen Ryzen processors without a bios update. We just finised the return processing and our new X570 mobo will arrive Tuesday. Luckily she still has a PC to use in the meantime.

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Hi, Fosstodon! This is my first toot ❤️ I'm glad to be here.

I remember trying out Mastodon a while ago (I don't remember which instance exactly), but I didn't really get to post much and I never quite understood how the system worked. This time I'm willing to put more effort into it.

Fosstodon seems really promising. I'm also craving more meaningful and respectful interaction that the one Twitter offers...

So far I'm really loving the higher character limit for posts. 😍 Yessss.

Well, now that I have the 'unofficial' lineageos 15.1 installed on my tablet, it seems to be working fine. Maybe I shouldn't be too scared of losing 'official' support? Also, it's running Android 8 (I have no idea if that's the latest, but it's newer than what I have on my phone), which makes all the icons look ridiculous. It's nice to be more up-to-date, though.

In a haste yesterday, I tried to reinstall onto my Nvidia Shield Tablet. I didn't pay much attention and downloaded the Shield TV rom, because it was the only one available on the official website.

It seems my device has lost support.

Fast forward to this morning, I realized what I've done, so I'm now attempting a stock reinstall, so that I can reinstall TWRP and try an unofficial lineage-15.1 build...

Now, none of my devices are officially supported for lineageos 😢

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Blew up my wordpress install trying to beef up security. Luckily I had an immediate backup to restore to. Backups, kids, they work.

Equifax hack 

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If you're interested in sound design and creating sweet, sweet midi music, check out @unfa. He has been opening my eyes. He also has some pretty unique music, too.


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This has probably made the rounds here already, but its worth reiterating.

While the Equifax punishment is somewhat laughable its important that they pay it in full.

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"take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"

-- a programmer

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Not sure how to do this I was told I should make a welcome post as a new user.

I'm an old disabled guy that loves free and open software and privacy. I'm in the process of getting rid of the fatal five (Google, Apple, FaceBook, Microsoft, Amazon). Just got rid of my Google account on Tuesday! FaceBook went over a year ago. Found out about this on YouTube. Looks like a great community!

Btw, I use Arch :)

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@switchingsocial For using *specifically* system fonts, you can just specify the general font type in the site's CSS. For example, you'd use:
font-family: sans-serif;

Instead of:
font-family: Arial;

A lot of good web designers will use system fonts as fallbacks in case the specific font doesn't load. That would be something like this:
font-family: 'Arial', sans-serif;

If Arial doesn't load, whatever sans serif font the user prefers or whatever is default will be used.

As for downloading open source fonts, you can actually get anything on Google Fonts using this wonderful site.

All of mine are from there. You search for the font, choose what weights/styles you want, whether you only want to support modern browsers or if older ones are important. You download a zip archive that you simply unzip and it gives you copy/paste CSS for importing the font files!

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I have a question. Are there any women who would like to try playing counterstrike? (CSGO)
Have you felt that you didn't feel comfortable using a mic in-game for five man teams? That you had to hide the fact that you're a woman?

Would you like to try to play competetive official server CSGO but it felt like a scary process?

I'm a kinda crap but 5 year vet CSGO player on a five-man, but would love to play with you and work to fill the team with players that are cool/kind for you.

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There are even moments when the authority of the socialists and communists is worse than the bourgeois, for they tear down their own ideas and trample on them.
-- Nestor Makhno

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I'm (re)joining the community! This will be my primary account, mainly tooting about mainly and geekery

Attention Debian Sid users!

I just ran into a nasty broken package last night when updating the package `e2fsprogs` that broke my system boot.
Now it looks like I'll have to rollback to the previous kernel and install the package `logsave`, which should have been marked as a dependency, but was incorrectly marked as a suggested package. I should then be able to just update initramfs and be on my way.

Details here:

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üI've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Goodbye, Mr. Hauer.

About to start this project that I planned to use MongoDB for, but given their license changes I'd like a NoSQL alternative. Are there any?

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