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:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless, November's movie is FINALLY decided:

:ameowbongo:​ Gattaca (1997 - swear, thought it wasn't as old!)

CWs at:

:WeAreNameless: ​It's a date: 16 of Nov. at 22:00 UTC

Stream at #OTV:

:WeAreNameless: WAN: WeAreNameless - When Cyberpunk meets Nostalgia

#WeAreNameless is a monthly community project on the Fediverse where Hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi movies.

Follow the links in my bio, @wearenameless and this pad: for more. :)

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And, done. $10 isn't much, but every little bit counts.

I'm donating to PBS today because they deserve it.

I found a reasonably priced cd duplication facility in my city. 48 hour turnaround and I can drop off assets and pickup product - which means I'll have mine and my wife's band's EP ready for our wedding next weekend!

I'm digging the Fedora love I'm seeing on release day :)

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Congratulations to our friends on the release of Fedora 31! Head on over, download an ISO and help celebrate with the Fedora project community! 🎉

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What's amazing about the Purism FOSS smartphone attempt, that much bigger companies - like Mozilla and Canonical - has tried and failed to deliver.

Creating a smartphone is not like snapping your finger people...

And then people become mad, when I called this whole thing a scam....

#purism #librem5

"Most notably among those things is the ability to make and receive traditional phone calls. Sure we've seen screenshots of it calling people, but we've never actually heard it do this. This is important because according to Purism's own public issue tracker, call audio currently has severe unresolved problems, meaning that its currently not possible to comfortably make a traditional phone call on the Librem 5."

Yes, a mobile phone, that can't make a simple phone call....

If I were a backer I would sue there ass to the ground, but most notable Todd Weaver's...

Read more:
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Looks like I'm buying some audio mastering software today...

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HELP !!!!!!! 🖖
Do you know about free animation software as powerful as Gimp
I run into technical problems.
I used the free software Imagination3.0, but it is very limited.

Connaissez-vous des logiciels libres d'animation aussi puissant que Gimp ?
Je me heurte à des problèmes techniques, je vous montre quand même ce 2e essai, même s'il est trop lent.
J'ai utilisé le logiciel libre Imagination3.0, mais il est limité je pense.

#animation #help #freesoftware

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So, now that everyone is done being *surprised* that NordVPN hid their breach, please DYOR before buying super duper mega -75% ten year memberships from services pumping more money into marketing than into .

I've been wondering why my theme didn't match the rest of my desktop. Turns out, if you are using gtk themes, you need to install an additional package for libreoffice to use your themes - `libreoffice-gtk3`

question... Where is the "correct" directory to put a project folder to be shared between users in a group?
This being a working project folder that multiple users who belong to the same group actively edit files in.

For read-only files, /usr/local/ seems to be the correct choice, but I can't find anything that specifies where read-write data goes.

Ah, FAMILY DOLLAR. Where you can get a RIBEYE STEAK FOR $1. 🤢

I took a break from my gaming addiction today to drink booze and watch a great live jazz band. Afterwards, at home, I continued to fight the urge by playing guitar for over an hour. Then, just when I was ready to give in, a friend hit me up for a little code mentorship which turned into a 3 hour session. I learned a thing or two from him too!

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So uh, does anyone know any pentesters / ethical hackers who don't charge €1200 a day with a minimum of 3 days to test your security?

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