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The new Chrono Romancer EP, Krieger, is available for download on bandcamp and streaming on all major streaming platforms!
(Just search for "Chrono Romancer" 😃 )

My wife, our friends, and I worked hard to make this happen. Give it a listen!

I'm still looking for a good instance to post it up on...

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I have a sudden odd inspiration to write songs inspired by peeps I follow here on Mastodon; just name each track by their username and see what happens...

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It's that time of year again to fill out the WebAim screen reader survey if you use one either because of disability or testing your websites!


I ditched prosody on the cloud server that runs Jitsi, and now I'm trying snikket on another server that doesn't have prosody already installed.

Snikket uses Docker 😭 so I installed Docker, then installed Snikket. It doesn't work, and I think it's because it can't get a certificate and can't bind to port 80/443 because I already have a webserver on this box.

Of course this is all in a docker container so idk wtf to do about it...
spend $5 for /another/ vps?

"I'm going to get some mixing done today"

> spends 4 hours trying to fix jitsi

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I think I need to find a Peertube instance that will allow me to upload and not take several weeks to decide if I can. I get it's a pandemic and folks are busy. But it would be nice to share some videos and not just post them on YouTube. If nothing else it would be nice to get to grips with video uploading to a Peertube instance before I start helping to produce video documentation and walk-through for my other project.

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We are back with yet another episode of Unpopular Stream. Join us tonight (8 May 22:00 UTC) for another night walk in a different set of shoes, among a different crowd with different hopes and dreams. I will bring the music!

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FRIDAY 07/SAT 08 May

join us to celebrate the 20th anniversary ! of the album "manipulate". LIVE broadcast listening party, chat, video and guests.

I've uncovered period ancient tour backing videos and performance clips.

free on our #owncast

20.00 US EST FRI, 00.00 UTC SAT, 12.00 SATURDAY 8th NZ

chat about the track origins, sounds, new projects, war stories, your cats...

#live #fediplay #np #mastoart #mastomusic #industrial #synth #ebm #electro #event

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Only two more hours until our music-filled #BandcampFriday live stream with our first ever super special guest. We want your company!

You can always find us at
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on a totally different note (haha) I also strongly recommend @eclectic's work on this #BandcampFriday, especially

really beautiful and spacious sounds that make me wanna /move/

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I do not know where this comes from, someone shared it at work.
But pretty funny and informative at the same time

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We're gearing up for a special #BandcampFriday stream tonight... More details to come soon!

#live #stream #livestream #music

@mike @kev @amolith I'm noticing that my posts from w0rmh0le Live! on are coming in really slow to fosstodon, like over an hour before I can see it from this account. Is there any obvious reason for this?

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They are such heroes over there. What else is an indie artist supposed to do in 2021?! Just build a site with your music and PayPal links on it?


Where would we find the time between making music and managing our accounts on all the other sites depending on us for our tiny shares of content and traffic and even tinier incomes?

Those add up, y'know!

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Traven is OUT now!

Another opensource two-tracker release of some computermusic weirdness made in #SuperCollider.

Please enjoy.

(please boost)

(both audio and code published under PP:BY-SA-NC licence)

#music #ElectronicMusic #ComputerMusic #bandcamp

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