re: Richard M. Stallman is a piece of shit, Epstein, abuse 

I want to, but I also wanna spread this.
Not possible if it ain't documented.

Remember The Juice Media and their awesome video about internet freedom, featuring George (T)Orwell? You might enjoy this recent one about the climate crisis that calls you to join the upcoming demonstrations!

TW: strong language

Everybody please go and join the #GlobalClimateStrike Sept 20-27 and #RebellionWave Oct 7-18


Some amazing things happened tonight:
I finally made my IBM T42 come alive!
AND I finally got a BSD running on a machine from hard drive!
OpenBSD is installed consuming 58M of RAM as ~~we speak~~ I write!
NetBSD and Linux would not even start on this machine.
A very proud man is going to bed right now - with great discoveries ahead ^^)

Default FVWM is the most retro looking WM I've seen in decades :)

@orbit @nebunez
No worries:
GoOgle reverted the changes so NewPipe et co should be working again
I went to github and got the latest already.

I forgot a word; squeeze in __compatible,__ before __I think__.

@rgarciag it's fixed now.
Either wait until F-Droid builds latest or get the .apk from github.

For those posting about NewPipe not working right now, they are working on it.

openresolv now in DragonFly

Roy Marples has imported openresolv 3.9.2 to DragonFly.  This is a replacement for the old-style /etc/resolv.conf file.  The more complicated your network, the more you will appreciate this tool.

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