This is just a friendly reminder about the fact that UNIX turned 50 years old this year!

@hund And yet we are still using a ton of shitty concepts from the 70s cause god forbid you dare to diverge from "The UNIX way" 50 years later.

@alatiera The UNIX-way still is and will always be *the* way!

The question is why you don't like it?

@hund @alatiera you probably aren't referring to the "Do one thing and do it well" but the "POSIX standard" (whatever that is/whatever is wrong with that)?


@RyuKurisu @hund @alatiera @crodges @alatiera

So go to
to check out __Super Dimensional Fortress'__ (SDF's) tribute to it!
Hint: Try out several old, ancient Unices right in the browser!
And also make a free __Public Access UNIX System__-account on or

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