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Have you tried `Dot-Dash Keyboard` for Android?

@neb @skynebula
Sadly, I'm becoming more and more certain with every passing year that I will never learn cw :-(

I just changed my keybord to dot-dash and within a week my thumbs spoke CW.

@neb ok, you got me - going to f-droid on my device right now! :-)

Just swipe upwards to get the cheatsheet out!
Unfortunately the project is dead and the latest beta is on Play/Yalp/Aurora.
It has swipe feature which can be fun, but tapping is cool enough.

@neb Yes, it's very cool!
It did take me a few false starts to notice that I had to indicate I was 'done'.
Also, talk about a security device in a way ;-)

Security as in "How the hell do I type one this stolen device"?
Yes, probably strange that it's not real-time typing.
A problem is that I wanna "morse" in another way I have to translate from my fingers to the other medium (sight/sound, etc).

@neb That was my next question. Now that you know the code, how does that translate to an actual key or listening?

I doesn't translate very well.
Use some Unix terminal and install a Morse training program to train the ears!

@neb I installed something called 'koch' method I think a few years ago on my phone. Probably that then.


Xerox invented the original (as they did a LOT of things) and then sued Palm to stop using it. Palm modified their copy to be a bit different. Dunno how this other company ended up with it.

You can learn the strokes in a bout twenty minutes.



Last time I went to install it, it wanted a zillion perms, so I didn't :-( Too bad.

@neb I wasn't thinking of stolen per se, I was remembering back to when someone just 'borrowed' my phone of the coffee shop table and began looking up something.
However, I had a grafitti keyboard installed and they soon gave up.
(forgot to push enter - someone dropped in on me with a large bag of fresh cherries...)

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