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Hooray - hardware workaround implemented! 

Update #openbsd 6.6 firefox package can be downloaded at if you want to test it :)

boost appreciated

sha256 55f35c9f41f769bd8acffc31e076998687f74a341385a7246ff6c438f59e0f2a

@eli_oat It's the sanwu mp3 decoder board, there's many shops that distribute it. It's the model with the 2 pin connector to solder a mat battery connector.

Fellow Fedinauts, I must call on you for help yet again!

I have been wanting to try out #openbsd and #voidlinux and over the last couple of days I finally had time to download the respective installation images and read through the documentation.

My original idea was to dual-boot OpenBSD and Void Linux on my 112 GB SSD, which meant I had to first learn how to do a proper dual-boot.
After much reading, I decided that it would be nice to have the following partitioning scheme:

sda1 (2 GB) mounted as /boot
sda2 (64 GB)sda5 (12 GB) mounted as /var for both OSes (possibly nodev && noexec)
sda6 (4 GB) mounted as /tmp for both OSes (possibly nodev && nosuid && noexec)
sda7 (8 GB) mounted as / for OpenBSD
sda8 (16 GB) mounted as /usr for OpenBSD (possibly nodev)
sd9 (8 GB) to be used as / for Void
sd10 (16 GB) to be used as /usr for Void (possibly nodev)
sda3 (16 GB) for swap
sda4 (30 GB) mounted as /home for both OSes (possibly nosuid && nodev)

(Yeah, I know, that is a lot of partitions)

However, while I was reading through OpenBSD's documentation I hit a massive roadblock: the filesystem.
What I have gathered is:

OpenBSD requires FFS on its partitions
Void Linux cannot work with FFS partitions

What do you suggest that I do? Is there a way for me to make this work, or should I just install OpenBSD and maybe run Void in a VM/form a USB?

I'm looking for a vector/highres file of the W1009 nautical map of Japan? Does anyone has this?

OT: Capitalism, :ratstand: [not ed(1) or really even tech related] 

Need to print from ed(1)? 

Video on using ed(1) 

The @pixelfed is just like [damn] Instagram, but much better. Even the founder of it, @dansup, shared a photo of a dog as the first post just like how Kevin Systrom posted a picture of a dog as the first post.

But with Pixelfed, you're free and federated.


puts "hello world\n"

0.04s real, 1,403 syscalls, 12.83 MiB of disk space required

Attention new owners: if you have not already, we heavily recommend flashing the updated keyboard/trackpad firmware.

#happy #newyear Its nearly 2020 and SDF is happy to announce we're trying out #pixelfed - You can sign up at - Lets help Pixelfed grow! #fediverse

@cfenollosa SDF has never been #retro - it has always been about trying new things. We are first and foremost a community based public UNIX platform for new ideas - we just happen to have a history and continuity that traces us back to the 1980s and we're not going to forget that.

We are located in 5 data centers in the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany and despite being 32 years old we are still growing.

Hello, fellow federated librarians and followers!

I'm working on a project and have a favour to ask: Could you send me a scan or a good picture of the *front* of your library card, please? It's especially helpful if the card is in decent condition, but I'll take what I get!

More on the project later, I promise! πŸ™‚

Send 'em to:

Essential extensions for online reading:

Bypass Paywalls (removes paywalls from news sites)

Medium Unlimited (removes paywalls from Medium)

Make Medium Readable Again (removes nagware from Medium)

View on Sci-Hub (redirects paywalled journal articles to the same paper on Sci-Hub)

I've written a guide on how to setup a @nextcloud server. This has been a lot of work, as I've tried to be as verbose as possible.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Ich will doch nur einen Messenger mit dem Polish & Funktionsumfang von Telegram, der Sicherheit von Threema, dem Open-Source-Ansatz von Signal, der InteroperabilitÀt von Riot/Matrix und der PopularitÀt von WhatsApp 😭

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