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Hey kids, @snowdusk_ is on aNONradio r/n and it's always fun.

I used to scorn tech solutions to energy issues.
Good ideas to harness energy efficiently and non-polluting.

what's more dangerous?
Do you think that #HamBSD is a cool project? Do you want to motivate me to work harder on it? I made a Patreon thing so you can do that.

#OpenBSD #hamradio

#quake #opensource #freesoftware #freedoom #librequartz I'm working on an free and open source version of quake called LibreQuartz
Its based on the openquartz project which died in the early 2000s

Mappers, modeler's, texture artists and sound designers are needed
Boost this around to help get more people on the project




I've always found it strange people revealing their preferred pronouns on social media. Surely, you want people to talk to you, not about you.

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