Some amazing things happened tonight:
I finally made my IBM T42 come alive!
AND I finally got a BSD running on a machine from hard drive!
OpenBSD is installed consuming 58M of RAM as ~~we speak~~ I write!
NetBSD and Linux would not even start on this machine.
A very proud man is going to bed right now - with great discoveries ahead ^^)

Default FVWM is the most retro looking WM I've seen in decades :)

I forgot a word; squeeze in __compatible,__ before __I think__.

For those posting about NewPipe not working right now, they are working on it.

openresolv now in DragonFly

Roy Marples has imported openresolv 3.9.2 to DragonFly.  This is a replacement for the old-style /etc/resolv.conf file.  The more complicated your network, the more you will appreciate this tool.

A recent change to YouTube has broken most open source YouTube players. FreeTube will still run as normal if you disable the "Grab Videos Locally" option in your settings.

You can learn more about it over at the issue on GitHub.


For me all.content in NewPipe is unavailable.
Not so in
How about you?
I'm using latest version from F-Droid.

My tab is just filled with Firefox's VPN.

Just so you know, VPNs are not the saviour that they claim to be in advertisments. Please do not fall for routing all your personal data to some company based in panama for "security" from the hackers or privacy. VPNs are not really private unless you know exactly how to stay private, which is almost none of the current main stream VPN services' users.

Can anybody recommend a ? I wish to purchase a domain and for a long time, preferably indefinitely.

I don't want to spend much money, and I don't want other people to be able to easily nick the domain, but I do want to be able to register subdomains without paying more money.

I also don't care what the name itself actually is.

Any suggestions?

If you didn't already fill out the EU-FOSSA Developer Survey, please do it.

Today on aNONradio!

All times in UTC/PDT -7. The time is now 1500 UTC

Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob 1930-2000 #spokenword #marmots #mushrooms

MixRemix w/ @hairylarry 2000-2200 #creativecommons

Organized Chaos w/ DJ G.Love @MG #metal

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix w/ @snowdusk_ 0100-0200 #electronicmusic

OpenVoIP 0200-0300 - Call 929-299-1269

OpenMic 0300-0600 (

To tune in:


Found this somewhere on **Telegram**:
A free and open course (and book) where we build a working computer from scratch!
From logic gates via compiler and OS to鈥 f.x. small games like **Tetris**!
All in 12 weeks (or own paced)!

All you need is a bit of programming experience.

Which tiling window manager would you recommend that's flexible with different monitor setups?
I'm gonna be using 3 screens at home, but only my laptop while on the go. BSPWM is comfy, but kinda limited in multi-monitor support.
I was looking at awesome but not sure?

Tnite on aNONradio!

All times in UTC/PDT -7. The time is now 1459 UTC

FroggyMe's Fantastic Fantasy 1600-1700

Shut Up You Freak w/ DJ Julius 1700-1900

Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob 1930-2000

DJ Tisho on Air 2000-2100

SDF Amateur Radio Club's Techlink Node 9229 on EchoLink 0000-0100 (http:// for info)

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix w/ @snowdusk_ 0100-0200

OpenVoIP 0200-0300

OpenMic 0300-0600 (

To tune in:


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