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Smoky outside. Probably a wild fire or controlled burn. Rain is coming. Getting a quick walk in before it comes down.

We created a new writing prompt for anyone to participate, no sign-up required — just write about what you've been up to! Accepted submissions will be showcased over on our writing community @readwriteas.

WordPress 2020: *includes icon for Mastodon in their social icons*
Also WordPress: *doesn't include any way of easily mapping -> mastodon icon*

Been fighting with this one for a while. I'm sure it's easy enough for someone who knows how to program, but I'm just an idiot.

Exhausted. Long weekend coming up. Looking forward to sleeping.

post = Blog.Post(3311)

print("%s" % post.title)
print("%s" % post.excerpt)
print("%s" % post.url)

for tag in post.tags:
print("#%s" % tag)


Some Kind of Pythonic Magic

In which I detail some of the things I’ve been enjoying in Python

Brain feels like a brick. Having a hard time thinking without wanting to sleep.

Is it cheating to set a breakpoint in your game at the moment the program determines the random number you're going to try and guess?

New Blog Post; Blablabla

Chrome Privacy

In which I meander around the upcoming changes to Google Chrome, it’s history and where it’s going.

We also have J&J pulling baby powder from the shelves[1] because it might cause cancer.

I... I can't keep up, guys. What the actual fuck is going on?


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Okay, okay... okay. So. Today is, uh, Wednesday, May 20th in 2020. So far we've had a worldwide pandemic that has required everyone to work from home, probably ruined some of the economy and had Republicans actually give out money like socialists...

We have Microsoft enabling HW Accel on WSL[1], Adding DX12 to Linux[2], Writing their own Wayland compositor[3], creating their own package manager for Windows[4].

Brought my Switch to work because it is *very* important I keep up with the Turnip Market prices. I have a lot invested and things are not looking good.

Voice chat in Firefox on BigBlueButton absolutely kills my CPU.

Deep inside an copy of my website. Looking for old content to usher into my site that would have been lost forever.


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