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Hello, World! The #fsfe wishes a happy "I love Free Software" Day to all #FreeSoftware users, developers, contributors and everyone else!

You are the ones who give us meaning and empower us day by day ❤️

Join us today and show your love on #IloveFS:

Sending a rather pointed letter to my advisor, department head. I shouldn't have to pay for this shit.

This class is a joke, for a 3000-level course.

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Ah, found out why so many of the people here tattoos all up and down their arms.

Ex-military, looking to go into contracting with government IT.

Explains a lot, especially since the GI Bill will go a long way at a state college.

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TFW your InfoSec Management class contains nothing regarding IT

That’s new. Wonder if it’s Verizon or some sort of internal heuristics.

Weird, but neat. is too large of a company for this kind of tomfoolery. (App is installed for Work, I don’t use cloud sync)

Anyone got a good way to insert Emoji on linux? The Rofi emoji stuff doesn't seem to want to work for me, and this ibus thing seems a little out there...

Day three in this frozen hell. I've about given up on help arriving. The ticket I sent in was marked as "resolved". Fingers are becoming numb, luckily if I run some electron apps on this laptop, the fan pumps out some decent heat, even in this temperature.

Please send help! 🥶🥶🥶

Hmm, ivy doesn't seem to want to actually kill buffers... I can kill them in buffer-menu, but they show up when ivy takes over kill-buffer...


I might revert back to ido.

Always makes me nervous when a series of login attempts (in the logs) ends. Did they guess right? Did they just give up?

Shhhh! has had a long day of telling people of the systematic and pervasive data collection and surveillance state. He deserves a nap!

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