School still hasn’t responded to my request for meeting or anything about how it’s going to handle a professor who literally doesn’t show up for class. He decided that two hours after his class that he would send an announcement that he was out due to a family emergency. He also said the final would be posted online (🙄). That hasn’t happened.

America? What the fuck has happened to our education system?

@LPS @mike @Gina @kev I'm always wary about "natural" habits. We also didn't wear clothes for centuries and didn't brush our teeth, bathe, clip our nails, cut our hair, wear glasses, wash our hands, or thousands of other things. Nothing we do in the modern era is "natural", yet we've increased the median lifespan by at least thirty-years.

Not to knock these kind of things. Just an observation.

Co-worker is snoring, 2FA is having problems, WiFi is all over the place. It’s cold and raining. Friday better smarten the fuck up because I’m not@going to deal with this shit right before a busy weekend.

Last class. Professor is late, again. No grades posted.

💯 💯 💯 🤬🤬😤😩🙄

Professor canceled capstone project, since he didn’t cover it at all. No discussion of final. No grades posted, either, for the work we have done (two summaries of security topics).

Yeah. I’m still waiting to hear back from the dean.

Somehow broke the cover image template in twentytwenty.

If anyone needs something inexplicably broken for testing. Let me know. I am apparently able to break shit.

Sophie's Choice:

Warning: The lock file is not up to date with the latest changes in composer.json. You may be getting outdated dependencies. It is recommended that you run `composer update` or `composer update `.

Installing drivers. In 2020. Microsoft has really pushed the envelope.

@dqn @sangv says they’re bad at everything but they’re wearing massively elaborate clothes that I wouldn’t even have the first clue about how to wear, let alone wear nearly as well. 😤

Boost this and I will assign you a UUID

@sheogorath @libravatar Some people write federated services that are useful to everyone; some people, like me, move their puking cats from the carpet to the tile. Big brains all around... 😎

Federated avatar service? CHECK
Integrated with existing projects? CHECK
Static content served by nginx only? CHECK

Welcome to my libravatar-nginx setup:

It's static, it's minimal, it's implementing most of the @libravatar spec.

:blobfoxcomputerowonotice: What else should I do on a Wednesday evening?

#libravatar #federated #avatars #nginx #linux #containers

Does anyone know any good tutorials for designing a site with wordpress?

@neildarlow It seems like almost any programmer would have to been exposed to setting up their environment at least once. I guess we're in an age where it's possible to have gone to school (where the devices already have them setup) and then transitioning into a job where that is done, too.

To sort of mass reply to everyone:
I know that programmers are not specifically help-desk, and obviously they're not supposed to know everything. They *should* know what build environment they're working in, they *should* know what tools they need and how to use them and set them up. I don't think I should have to hand-hold a programmer through getting hostname or adding items to %PATH% (windows) or setting up MySQL workbench.

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