@ubuntuxp Ah, okay. So it's part of WindowMaker. Nevermind, then. I've already run that for a time.

Very nice. Kind of niche stuff, but hopefully helps build a more open campaign:


(relinked from that cancer, Medium)

Anyone ever used GNUStep full time? Seems like an interesting project. I'm quite happy with KDE, but I like to keep an eye out for more GNU-friendly systems.

@bamfic @codeHaiku Yeah, I never bought into the whole illuminati/all-powerful government thing. It's run by people. People like you and I. I have meetings every day with Microsoft, a billion dollar player in the software industry and not even they have their shit together... The government knows stuff, but likely nothing earth shattering.

@codeHaiku Very true.

We have a military helicopter fly down the river once(?) a day, but jets are much more rare. Unless the Blue Angels are in town. Which would be weird right now.

Military jets flying overhead do not inspire confidence, even if they are just exercises.

Old :: Defined as when you hook your computer up to your big screen TV and still have to increase the UI scaling to 150%+ to read anything.

New Blog Post: Animal Crossing: New Hype-rizons 

I hate to say it, but has the worst local multi-player of any game I've played in recent memory.

Want to access your inventory? Only the leader can. Want to share items? Have to drop it and swap leaders. Want to pick stuff up for yourself? Nope, goes to the recycle bin.

Want to have a fun family game where you can all go and do your own thing? Nope. Can't. Many of the early "story" items are gated. To the first islander.

All we do is argue about control.

Should have been sp.

@g I'm not really here to defend my company, nor the reason I'm here. I already had that debate with myself, which spilled over into a discussion with my boss and a rather heated debate with my wife.

My company is on one of the essential services listed and the people I support are VIPs, so, I'm here. I'm just trying to do my thing.

@g I even have papers to get me through any potential stops from police. I don't know why I'm "essential", but here I am.

While I will admit is massively more popular than my , I have to say, my tag is much more catchy. 😎

Right now my “workspace” is my office, at work, with my personal laptop off to the side so I can at least not go completely insane being isolated for 8-hours a day.

How are they going to follow up that finale in Picard? How is season 2 going to be ?


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