Somehow broke the cover image template in twentytwenty.

If anyone needs something inexplicably broken for testing. Let me know. I am apparently able to break shit.

Who on the team thought that attachments should have a top-level slug? Why would that ever be a smart idea?

Trying to figure out why the twentytwenty theme has this weird bug when logged in/showing the admin bar. The overlay menu causes the header to jump around...

What the fuck, ? I’m using *your* app, using *your* cloud bullshit trying to upload images, which *STILL* does not work reliably from a mobile device.

I have to say: The twentytwenty theme is pretty awesome. It is light enough to be clean of a lot of cruft, but very customizable. All without any external resource calls! Good job, guys!

Ooof. The Simple LDAP Login plugin is the only plugin for that seems to work for OpenLDAP logins... but it hasn't been updated in ~3 years...

Waffling over if I want to reach out to EasyWP support to see if I can get redirection added for "smart" webp support in .

I still think is a much more comprehensive CMS, but has a much more laser focused user experience on being a blog.

wpscan is a pretty nice tool. I like that I can run it as a plugin on the site, or a ruby package on my system. I, apparently, have a pretty good setup so far...

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